Stephen Hawking’s 7 Predictions of Earth’s Demise in the Next 200 Years


Alright check this out Steven Hawkings seven predictions of Earth's demise in the next 200 years. Oh boy

Most famous scientists since Albert Einstein Stephen Hawking will forever be known for his groundbreaking contributions

To physics and cosmetology oops I mean cosmology my bad

Having been diagnosed with motor neuron disease at the young age of 21 instead of accepting

What doctors said was a two-year death sentence?

Hawking beat the odds and ended up devoting the rest of his entire natural life to the pursuit of knowledge and explaining the unknown

Well his discoveries were profound and inspiring his views on the future of the earth and its inhabitants were extremely pessimistic

So here are some of Hawking's most terrifying predictions on how and when our world will meet its demise

Counting down from number seven genetically modified vaccines will backfire on us

The certified genius said that one of the greatest threats to mankind wasn't coming from space

But rather from what people were creating here on earth?

Since scientists started toying with genetically engineered viruses to treat human illnesses

They've also discovered other possible uses for them for example

Researchers trying to create a virus that could kill cancer cells

Ended up making one that could combat alcoholism

It did this by introducing certain information into the neurons that control and alcoholics urge to drink

nowadays pharmacists are even combining several deadly viruses into a single shot and

Doing some weird stuff with DNA mixing just take the rota Tech vaccine as an example

It was designed to protect kids from rotaviruses and a lot of babies get three doses before they're even six months old

But what they don't tell you is that this medicine is made by crossing human and cow DNA

Once more babies are twice as likely to have seizures during the first two weeks after they've been vaccinated

While pharmacist intentions might be good the problem is that we still don't fully

understand the long term damage these vaccine concoctions might have

But every time somebody tries to warn people about the dangers of certain vaccines

mainstream opinion wins

Number six aliens will invade our planet

Hawking was a firm believer in extraterrestrial life, and he was convinced that they will eventually invade our planet and

No, unfortunately they probably won't come in peace

But first we got to go back to the beginning literally you probably heard of the Big Bang Theory

No, not the TV show the explosion that gave birth to our universe some thirteen billion years ago

Well Hawking came up with what he called the multiverse theory according to it

The universe as we know it is just one among tens of others that were created with their own big banks so basically

parallel universes

Although there's still no evidence proving that we aren't the only form of intelligent life. There is with so many planets galaxies and universes

Chances are that cosmic beings will find our floating rock in space and decide to make a pit stop

The most likely want to either destroy us or study us like lab rats or they'll give us a book titled to serve man

Remember that one from the Twilight Zone

Number five the universe will come to an end

In his final work a smooth exit from eternal inflation

Completed just two weeks before he died

Hawking predicted that our universe will eventually fade into darkness as all the stars run out of energy

And he warned that we desperately need to get to other universes ASAP if we want to survive

Number four robots will replace humans

Although Hawking's life basically depended on artificial intelligence. He didn't trust it at all

He once said that it might be just the worst invention in the history of our civilization

Because it'll probably replace humans altogether

Although the AI we have today is extremely useful

Hawking warned that further development of these technologies

Could be a fatal mistake if we aren't mindful of the risks it could bring

He predicted that once humans develop artificial intelligence

It'll take off on its own and redesign itself at an ever-increasing rate this new form of life could eventually

outsmart and outperform humans or worse decide to get rid of us

Hawking was sure that there was no significant difference between what a human brain is capable of and what could be achieved by AI

Hmm easy for a genius to say

Despite this series warning more and more investments continue to be poured into the further development of these technologies

Number three nuclear weapons will destroy humanity

Hawking believed that aggression and irrational behavior are our worst traits as humans and

If we don't change we'll outright destroy ourselves yet

There's still no sign of conflict lessening nowadays

So the development of militarized technology and weapons of mass destruction could lead us to

Disastrous consequences, which would mean the end of our world?

Number two we'll need to find another planet to live on

According to Hawking we have to find another planet to live on within the next 100 years

otherwise we'll die out as a species because Earth has already reached the point of no return to

Save ourselves from problems like overpopulation and the scarcity of resources that comes with it

Pandemics and pollution we have to discover new worlds and become a multiplanetary species

So what are our options for inhabitable Earth Dumbo gangers?

Although the moon has no atmosphere

It's the closest celestial object to our planet that has immense deposits of natural resources

Besides that there are ancient lava tubes on its surface

That could be the perfect location for building the first human colonies

However the moon has extreme seismic activity and it's rare moon quakes can measure up to 5.5 on the Richter scale

Such strong quakes can be potent enough to destroy buildings and other constructions

Mars with its toxic soil bone-crushing cold and unbreathable atmosphere

Obviously is an our ideal next home

But a competent approach to constructing well protected space bases could put humanity up for the initial stage of

colonizing the red planet

Ceres is a dwarf planet located in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter

Astronomers believe it could be composed of 25% water

Which is good news for us water loving humans on our current planet made up of 71% of the stuff

This dwarf planet has even been considered a potential location for water harvesting for long distance missions in space

However because it lacks an atmosphere

We wouldn't be able to experience weather changes or see any colors in the sky if we live there bummer

Jupiter's fourth biggest moon Europa is covered with an icy crust that could hold entire oceans of water on

The other hand it's constantly being showered with deadly radiation that humans wouldn't be able to survive

Plus temperatures are unbearably cold there

Saturn's largest moon Titan could also be a potential colony for human beings

One of the advantages of living there is that it has an atmosphere that protects the surface from radiation and meteorites

on the downside this atmosphere consists of

95% nitrogen 5% methane and zero of the stuff we breathe oxygen

kind of like a big planetary fart

But you wouldn't need a spacesuit or anything to walk outside a little protection from the cold and a breathing mask with suffice

Earth's cousin kepler 452b

orbits a sun-like star

1,400 light-years away from us, and it looks exactly like our planet. It could even have liquid water on its surface

We just can't tell because the planet is covered with thick misty clouds almost all the time like San Francisco

Oh, and we definitely have problems with volcanic activity there

In number one the earth will combust into a ball of fire

The great physicist also predicted that our planet will burst into flames in less than 600 years

By that time the earth will be so

Overpopulated that our energy consumption will make the planet burn red and the human race will perish and it gets better

Hawking added that global warming will make the conditions on earth similar to those on Venus the average temperature will be about

480 degrees Fahrenheit

Sulfuric acid will rain from the sky and winds will reach speeds of up to 330 feet per second ciao

Stephen Hawking warned us that climate change is one of the great dangers

We face

And it's the one we can prevent if we act now I'd say that's something we definitely don't want to put off any longer

So which prediction do you think will happen?

Which one is the scariest in your opinion?

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