Best Prepositions lesson! On / In / At


Today i'm AT Trafalgar Square

or I'm IN Trafalgar Square...

I'm ON Trafalgar Square?

Today we're doing prepositions

Hello, Aly!

Oh god! It's you again!

What are you doing?

I'm eating breakfast

Where are you eating breakfast?

ok fine ummm...

Oh goddammit i hate prepositions!

Look, can I just say "I'm home"?


Cool! Okay, with "AT"...

"I'm at home"?



"I'm at MY home"?

No! No! No! it's not necessary to say the possessive "MY" with "home"

So say "At MY HOUSE"

Go talk to Cartoon Aly. I'm done.

He's angry

Hello, Cartoon Aly!


Where are you?

Where am I? I'm HERE!

And where is "HERE"?

I don't know. At the coffee shop

Wait. IN the coffee shop?

Which one should I use? AT or IN?

Are you inside?


Then say IN the coffee shop!

Okay, but how about "AT the coffee shop"


What?! Why?! What's the difference?!

So... okay

So, okay, now I'm outside the coffee shop

But I'm still AT the coffee shop, right?



Cartoon Aly understands prepositions!


So, here. Now I'm ON the coffee shop, right?


You're on top of the coffee shop, so "ON"

And which city?

I'm AT London!


But but it's London!

You said it doesn't matter if it's inside or outside

It's the general area

I'm AT london!

Well, yes, but...

Why?! Why is English so weird!?

I'm sorry!

Okay, I think I get it now!

I'm not IN the coffee shop

Thank you

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Not finished!

You can use both

Cool! Awesome! Next one, throw it at me!

Something that you don't have...

And I'm AT the party or I'm AT a party

But I'm not IN a party

That sounds weird

AWWW look at the dog!!

Okay so I'm AT Trafalgar Square

But also I'm IN Trafalgar Square

English is weird

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