How to be fluent in English- PART 1 (the fun way)!

Hey everyone welcome back to my channel this is Dori I'm teacher of English and today

we're going to talk about something I get asked a lot. Lots of who you ask me how you can be

fluent in English well as most of you know I'm not a native English speaker

english is my second language so everything I'm about to share with you today

I know it works because I have done it on myself first, sure you're gonna tell me that I'm

a teacher but I was fluent in English even before getting into university so if I can do it you can

do it as well

for sure before we get started I want to clarify something though there are no magic

pills that if you take them you become fluent in English overnight

Whoever promises you something like that is lying to you

Being fluent in English is an ongoing process and the more you love English the more you're gonna have fun

with it while it lasts, so no magic tricks here it will require some effort on your

side obviously the best thing would be to go and live in an english-speaking

country and start talking instantly

but the tips that I'm about to share are for those of you who don't live in an English-speaking country and let's get

started: Be exposed to English as much as possible as much as you can now the Internet

makes something like that

easier than ever so what you can do start with songs English songs that you really love

and go read the lyrics sing along with the singer and this is

important don't just read the lyrics and listen to the song it is important that you actually sing

the song aloud along with the singer you will have fun and at the same time your tongue

will get used to talking; to singing; speaking in a different language than your own

so don't forget that; don't read only, sing the song!

of course you can't restrict yourself only to songs another thing you can do that it is extremely

important is to choose a TV series (an English or American TV series)

that you're interested about

It is preferable if it has many seasons and start watching these TV series consistently you can do that

with an American movie as well but I prefer TV series because they have a

story going on so you want to see what's going to happen in the next episode and

you get hooked so in this way you're more likely to do this consistently so what you are

asked to do here. Listen to the actors; listen to how native speakers are using the language don't

just get carried away reading subtitles and always prefer subtitles in

English and not in your mother language. If you can do it without subtitles that's the ideal that is our goal but if you can't at first

that's fine too just try to to listen to what the actors are saying along with

the subtitles

this is your practice! Another thing that I want you to do and I have said that many many

times in my reading videos mostly is that you should read a lot of articles in

English and it is preferable if you start with the articles that have to do

with things that you really like that talk about your hobbies your interests or things like that so in this

way it will not seem like practice; it will seem like you read something that you

really really enjoy if you enjoy snowboarding for example read articles that have a relation

to that and obviously whatever is your hobby but this is important don't just read the article

this is not what I want here what I want from you in order to be fluent is to actually read it aloud

"speak" the article only in this way will your tongue get used to

a new pronunciation, a new way of talking other than your own language so

it may seem weird at first but gradually you will get better

see it like a game pretend that there is an audience and you're actually reading the article to

them if you can learn some

pieces of the article by heart and try to "speak" them to the audience this will

be your this would be ideal and again try to see it like a game-- it will be fun I promise

well so far we have songs we haveTV series we have articles about the things

that you like; you should add to that list listening to the news in English for

example you can do that with CNN you can watch CNN videos online at least

for 5 minutes a day and also you should read a newspaper article online too you can find New

York Times articles for example online for free again the newspaper article it is better to read it aloud don't just read it silently this is important in

this way you will be exposed to English in all its forms formal academic English

in the form of the news bulletin and the newspaper articles and spoken English in

the form of TV series and blog post articles and songs and everything you really like

and love. Also you will practice speaking yourself by reading aloud not to

mention the

fact that you're going to enrich your vocabulary significantly while you have fun at the same time

What I've just shared with you is actionable advice you can start doing it today it's not just theory!

So start doing it

today dedicate a day to watch your TV series a day when you sing your

favorite songs along with the singer and have fun with it again aloud

Dedicate a day that you read blog posts or articles about the things you love aloud; a day that you watch

the news in English and dedicate another day to read a newspaper article aloud. Even 10 minutes a day can make a huge

difference and you're exposed to English consistently for a whole week seriously

10 minutes a day sitting on the couch with your laptop having fun can really really

make a difference maybe not overnight but really quickly trust me. Start doing all this today and you will

see how these tips can help you achieve a level of fluency you've never

thought possible before this is part one of a series of videos on how to become

fluent in English stay tuned for part 2 but until then try these tips out and let me know how they work for

you in the comment section down below!

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