Hey everyone! Welcome back to my channel! This is Dori I'm a teacher of English and today

I'm going to show you some standard phrases you can use in order to help you during your speaking exam

especially in Part 3. In Part 3 you should speak fluently and express your ideas using more advanced

vocabulary while you talk about a certain topic. So, during your discussion with the examiner these

standard phrases will help you very very much in order to earn some time in order to think and

organise your thoughts or even link ideas together or contrast ideas. Ok, let's go and have a look at these phrases together

Ok, of course you can say lots of things here expressing your own opinion but these are the most common

phrases and I believe that you can totally use them and relate with them very easily. Now, moving on

As it is going to be a discussion in Part 3 maybe the examiner expresses a different opinion

from your own in order to check if you can still defend your own argument. So, let's see some expressions for that

In part 3 especially sometimes they may ask you what you expect t to happen in the future

about a certain topic for example, they may ask you "do you think that technology is going to replace

human labour, robots can do that for example or "do you think that tablets are going to replace traditional books"

robots - teachers, something about the future. So, you should be able to use these phrases in order to help you

Let's read them together

As I told you, always explain why give your reasons and some examples of yours.

Again, there are no wrong answers, only your opinion, just be able to express it in a fluent way

Ok, please note and this is really important; don't try to memorise these standard phrases by heart

there's really no point in that. The best way you can learn to use these phrases is with actual practice

So, practice answering questions, Part 3 questions especially while you use these certain phrases and

eventually they will become your second nature; they will become part of your speech and they will definitely sound

natural when you use them

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