6 Strong Signs You Have Narcissistic Abuse Syndrome


Six strong signs you have narcissistic abuse syndrome.By Kim saeed.

Like many people who endured narcissistic and emotional abuse,you probably didn't realize what is happening to you until you reached a point of near insanity and began searching desperately for reasons why your fairytale romance took a grievous turn for the worse.

Further,the person you love has made you feel you can't do anything right.The salvation of relationship always lies on distant horizon and is entirely depended upon your changing something about yourself-which is impossible to do(inspite of frantic efforts on your part)- becouse your self-absorbed mate constantly changes the goal posts.

While these shady behaviors on your partner's part are indicators of having a destructice personality disorder,there are other very strong signs that your partner may be a Narcissist,which have more to do with how their behavior affects you.

If the following signs describe your life,it's likely that your partner is a Narcissist,which means your relationship problems are undeniably not your fault.

1.You almost always feel alone.Down to the core of you soul.While your partner may be living with you,eating meals at your table,and sleeping beside you in bed,you've never felt such stark loneliness.You often find yourself curled in the fetal position,envisioning someone coming to put their arms around you,to help relieve your feelings of isolation.

The reason you feel this way,is because you are living with a mirage of the person you love.That person doesn't exists and, meanwhile,you are being abandoned in every way possible.

According to Susan Andreson,author of theJourney from abandonment to healing”:”abandonment has its own kind of grief-a powerful grief universal to human beings.The grief could be acute-as when we go through the ending of a relationship,or chronic-as when we feel the impact of earlier losses and disconnection.

Abandonment wound lies deep and invisible.It tugs and pulls,making it hard to let go,always acting beneath the surface,spilling primal fear into moments of disconnection,disappointment,and loss,generating feelings of insecurity and self-doubt that persists into future relationships.

Unresolved abandonment is a primaly source of self-sabotage”.

If you feel your partner simplyputs upwith you,only coming around to keep you strung along,it's because you serve a purpose.

If comunicating with your partner leaves you feeling unheard,unstable,and frustrated,it's because they don't care about you,much less what you have to say.A person who loves you,would love to spend time with you,know all about you,and ensure that you feel safe and cared for.

2.You don't feel good enaugh.