Why You Are Weak


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0:35videos why are you weak you fear making

0:44mistakes in English you are afraid to

0:51talk to a girl or a boy a man or a woman

0:54that you like right you're attracted oh

0:58my god she's so beautiful huh but then

1:00you're afraid to talk to her you're

1:02nervous the dog do it we are working

1:06you're afraid of the boss afraid that

1:08the boss will get angry or upset with

1:11you you're afraid of looking foolish

1:16you're afraid of looking stupid you're

1:18afraid of making mistakes you're afraid

1:23your pronunciation will be bad that

1:26you'll sound bad you afraid you're

1:28afraid people won't understand you

1:30you're afraid of failure why are you so

1:40afraid why are people in general so

1:46afraid of so many things think about it

1:50that fear makes us weak well I'll tell

1:57you why you were trained you were taught

1:59to be fearful you were trained to be

2:04fearful by the media and by yes by the

2:08school's think about it how you were

2:11trained to be fearful

2:13by the schools in school number one you

2:18got grades you got graves how did that

2:23make you feel well most people look kids

2:28they're afraid to get bad grades why

2:31their parents will be upset so there

2:34they fear their parents anger they fear

2:37their parents judgment and therefore

2:41they fear the teacher and they fear

2:43getting bad grades making a mistake

2:45looking foolish also many teachers not

2:50all but many teachers embarrass their

2:54students right if the student makes a

2:55mistake if the student is too loud in

2:59the class breaks the rule whatever they

3:02will embarrass the kid embarrass the

3:05child in front of everybody and so old

3:08the child learns to fear that

3:11embarrassment fear the teacher or at

3:16least the teachers judgment right you

3:20give a paper and then what all those red

3:22x's red x's red axis looks terrible your

3:25parents don't like seeing it so again

3:28another way to create that fear in you

3:31but it's not just the teachers think

3:34about the other kids too bullying is

3:36such a huge problem in schools big big

3:42problem is called bullying so the other

3:45children also create this fear right

3:47because if a child is very different the

3:51other kids will insult them and say bad

3:54things to them and make them feel

3:55terrible they learn to be afraid even if

3:58you are not being bullied you see it

4:01happening and you learn to fear that

4:04judgment to fear being too different to

4:07spear standing out fear fear fear fear

4:12fear and only become adults we are weak

4:15adults we're weak and fearful adults

4:18afraid to be different straight to fail

4:21afraid to take risks afraid to make


4:24and charge forward for the life of our

4:28dreams no we don't live the life of our

4:31dreams we don't do it because we're too

4:33afraid to all of this fear of judgement

4:40fear of other people judging us makes us

4:43feel weak makes you feel weak it made me

4:46feel weak when I was younger had the

4:49same exact problem all of these fears i

4:52had them too and I was weak I was weak

4:55weak weak so I understand I understand

4:59one hundred percent that's why my job as

5:01a coach that's why my mission in life my

5:04purpose is now to do the opposite to

5:08help you feel stronger to help you feel

5:11confident to help you live your dream

5:14life get rid of those fears live your

5:17dream life yes speak English fluently

5:20confidently but you've English to travel

5:24to have an interesting life to get

5:28better jobs more money all the things

5:30you want from your life that big dream

5:33life you can have it but you must get

5:35rid of the fear you must push out the

5:38fear and grow strong think about it I

5:45believe in my heart I believe that

5:49children are naturally fearless children

5:54are naturally fearless I was out walking

5:57the other day I'm in Japan right now and

5:59the two girls were writing paper little

6:03girl the two little girls came and

6:04they're writing skateboard and they came

6:06around a corner they almost hit me they

6:09were going too fast much too fast quite

6:12dangerous I told the story on my audio

6:15podcast they all hit me a little own but

6:19then I looked at their faces and they

6:22were laughing with you slow hahahahaha

6:25having a great time totally fearless it

6:30was date they could have hit me there

6:31was a busy road right nearby there it's


6:36to eat right the hard ground but totally

6:39fearless kids are liked it don't ride

6:43skateboards they'll fall down hard ah

6:45and what do they do they cry and cry ah

6:47but after they cry what do they do they

6:51suddenly stop crying like a magic stop

6:54and they get back on the skateboard wha

6:56and they write again too fast dangerous

7:00fearless that our natural feeling that's

7:05our natural state we are meant to be

7:08fearless and strong that's what we are

7:10naturally in school they train us and

7:16teach us to be weak and fearful but

7:18that's not who we are and inside you

7:20still write in your heart deep down you

7:23are still that strong fearless person

7:25you just need to learn it again you need

7:28to just push out all that fear from the

7:30school and learn to get your strength

7:33and power and confidence back no more

7:36fear okay that's the good news you can

7:40unlearn it you can unlearn those bad

7:44messages from schools you can unlearn

7:46those bad lessons from schools you can

7:48unlearn the fear and reconnect with your

7:51power and that is my mission to help you

7:56to encourage you to give you that

7:59feeling of power to tell you you can do

8:01it to tell you laughs about the mistakes

8:05doesn't matter be like those children be

8:08fearless when you speak English yes you

8:12will make grammar mistakes so what yes

8:15you will make pronunciation of things so

8:18laugh about it keep going like those

8:22kids when you do that when you're

8:26fearless you go forward in life so much

8:29faster you go to your dream life much

8:32much faster you succeed in everything

8:34much much much faster fearlessness is a

8:38superpower and I am here to give it to

8:41you go to effortless English club.com


8:47english club com new audios every day on

8:51my blog at effortlessenglishclub.com be

8:55strong do not fear see you soon