Mistakes to avoid during a job interview - Job interview tips



hello everybody I'm the hair again thank you for clicking on this video here in

today's lesson we are going to learn about some job interview etiquettes

basically some common mistakes that you need to avoid

now if you have an interview scheduled and you are a first timer or you re

entering the job seeking world

here are some mistakes that you need to avoid ok so we're going to have a look


our first one here is showing up wait now you think it doesn't matter

well of course it does matter showing up late is not a good thing you have to be

on time and dissipate traffic maybe you you might get stuck in traffic or you

might just get lost finding directions so please do anticipate traffic

ok because if you are late

the interviewer has set aside some period of time to interview you right

and time is precious isn't it and if you are late

it would immediately plan to see the in his head that you are a person who

doesn't plan things well

so and even if you show up late

if he hires you tomorrow you'll be always late for work

so please be on time

alright so what the next one we have here is keeping your cell phone on

now that's like a big no-no imagine the interviewer is asking you a question

and your phone starts ringing

my phone started ringing and the worst is if you answered the phone

hey hello long time how you be

oh hang on i'm in an interview let me just call you back okay

all right I'll talk to you later bye

imagine if this happens it is so disrespectful like the interviewer would

be like oh my god what kind of a person is that so

please switch off your cell phones or turn it on silent ok are printed on


you need to switch it off are turning or put it on silent

ok so it's really important

right so we have a gonna be going to look at another one here at limp


now what's a limp handshake especially the women you know they totally believe

in this finger hand shape

oh please don't do that you know you need to give a firm handshake it is

extremely important because the people who give a limp handshake

they are usually intimidated by the situation

so you need to give a firm handshake you need to look into the person's eyes and

and give a good hand shape

now of course don't squeeze a drooly hard like not a bone-crushing handshake

there and you know you you're so excited to shake hands that you crush his bones

ok don't do that with a firm handshake is extremely important

shake it like you mean it

alright so that's important okay

the other one we have here is chat up this time now

chap storm are usually when you're nervous and they don't people have a

tendency to work early Russian in order to fill in the silence okay you keep

going on and on

so this is my experience I walked her i worked there i did this job

well the interviewer would be like okay

she done yet and you start yawning he would be so bored

so stop there ok just listen to the questions carefully and answer it

thoughtfully and for that you need to do a prior research ok

please be ready for the interview just go on the website see what the company's

about what are they into

ok so being well prepared so be prepared for your interview

ok so it's important to be well prepared for your interview

so these are some mistakes that you need to avoid

I have some more mistakes for you that you really need to why it's essential

for you

all right now here are some more common mistakes that you need to a white up

into we were your best friend now pretending that your interviewer is your

best friend or maybe your girlfriend or a boyfriend is like a major no no okay

you need to it is important that you maintain a professional distance

ok it's extremely important like you cannot end up asking questions like so

well so are you dating someone or are you married ok those

these questions are really nosing so you cannot question this or you know up

showing the fact that

oh I was partying till 4am this morning and then I just got up and came for this


ok that is also not correct ok you are in a professional environment interview

is extremely important for you taking up a job or something so please maintain

professional distance

ok another one here is ignoring body language now be aware of what you show

with your posture ok what you communicate with your posture

it is very important to sit up straight and be smiling okay

especially women women have a tendency to slouch ok up

you just don't slouch - okay so I'll ouching is not a good thing okay or even

up there are people who leaned on the table ok so please don't do that

okay you need to sit up straight and you need to have a smiling face okay

it's important to just just fake it till you make it it's important to smite

nobody wants to hire a negative or a depressed person isn't it

so just keep smiling be confident okay look into the interviewers eyes

ok and answer the questions thoughtfully ok

and another thing that i would also like to tell you know playing with your up

with your hair like twirling your hair or biting nails

ok or even crossing your lens like this posture is there

this quite negative ok it shows as if you are very defensive person okay so do

not cross the lens just put it straight

maybe on your lap or on the table ok so posture is very important

another one here is either you're overdressed or you're underdressed

now all address is that basically may be loud shirts

ok the men wear like these Hawaiian

no printed shirts or women wear a lot of dangling jewelry or a flashy makeup

okay that just doesn't look professional ok

it doesn't look good okay especially when you're giving an interview

ok a white strong fragrances ok

please your white like putting up putting a lot of fragrance because that

might just give a headache too and you are your interviewer

alright so please do avoid that for men

a perfect suit like a dark colored suit maybe a dark blue or black suit would be

just perfect

I can with a nice tie a simple thai of course not a tie with the a printed lady

on it

ok nice simple tie and for women a nice crisp white shirt

ok a white shirt and formal black pants or a formal black skirt would be just

perfect for women right

okay and also make sure that your nails are clean their well manicured

ok nobody likes to see these dirty nails dirty black nails

ok so you're get nails should be really nice and clean cut short and nice simple


okay please don't wear it like jazzy colored of shirts please do a white that

a chemical that is the only time that you have to impress that interview were

in order to take up the job right

so please do dress well ok dress for success that's what I believe in

another one here is not tanking now there are people who would just send a

text hey thanks thanks for taking my interview or giving me a chance to learn

more about your company that's not professionalism

ok we don't do that up there are people who would just use these new free

messaging application

options you know like whatsapp or any other free messaging applications we

don't do that either ok

a professional of formal email is important ok

please appreciate the interviewers time that he spent on you and also thank him

for giving out the information or sharing more information about the

company right

so please do thanks and please don't just go overboard

don't don't don't send gifts or don't send flowers okay just keep it simple a

professional formal email would be just perfect

ok so thank you email

that's about it ok so these are the mistakes that you need to avoid make

sure you do the right moves so before during and after your interview and I'm

sure you will shine for success

I'll be back with a new lesson food so that you take care and have a great