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effortless English dot-com I was

desperate at one time in my life death

sprit for a job I was unemployed and I

had just a little bit of savings and my

savings were going down down down very

quickly i desperately sent out resumes

and cover letters now eventually I did

get some interviews but they all want

the same I went into the interviews and

I was confident you know and this was

later in my life so I had more

confidence i was a better interviewing

but still not great

so go in and they asked the usual

questions again what's your greatest

strength well my greatest strength is

that uh you know I work very hard I'm

intelligent I'm always looking to solve

problems whatever something like that

what's your greatest weakness why do you

want this job

what do you want to be doing in five

years all that stuff and I gave decent

but boring answers like most people and

i did not get called again I started to

panic because i was getting job

interviews I was doing a good job with

my cover letters and resumes and i use a


it was using a method that I use that I

talked about rather in the business

English conversations course business

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powerful and effective method for

getting interviews using letters and

emails now we can do emails and resumes

so that wasn't my problem but I could

get interviews no problem but i could

not pass the interviews I would get one

interview and then done an interview and

then done an interview done again and

again and again and then I was getting

more and more and more desperate like oh

my god I I'm not gonna be able to pay my

rent I i'm not going to be able to pay

my bills my phone bill I'm gonna starve

you know all these thoughts in my head

I'm starting to panic and that's when I

decided to try something different in

the next interview with got an interview

at a hospital for a job in the emergency

room as a social worker

I thought again and I've got to do

something different in my job interviews

so i decided to try something new and

different and i decided to use two magic

words to magic words and these two magic

words transformed my interviewing

ability with these two words i went from

being okay at interviewing too great and

interviewing I got that job in the

emergency room because of those two

words and then after that any time I

went for a job interview I got the job

offer yeah i had a hundred percent

record after that until i started my own

business mainly because of these two

magic words the two magic words of job

interviewing what are they i know you're

wondering what are the AJ why don't you

tell us because i want you to think

about it what do you think they are the

two most powerful words you can use in

any job interview any job interview any

situation doesn't matter to most

powerful words when you give an answer


alright i'll tell you the two most

powerful words and job interviewing are

for example for example for example for

example makes you an amazing interviewer

let me tell you how it works i'll show

you give you two different answers

the second one will use the magic words

so number one uh tell us about your job

history you know what are you good at

showing up on time

oh yes I'm very punctual you know I i

always come to work on time

I'm not late never late that's answer

number one sounds confident sounds good

right answer number too much better same

thing is you know i'm i'm always on time

I'm never late being punctual being on

time is very very important to me

for example in my last job I never

missed one day of work and I was never


I was on time or early every single day

of that job in fact I encourage you

please call my former boss he's one of

my rare

princes and I'm sure he'll be happy to

talk to you about my attendance record

and my dedication to being on time and


but that's not the only thing that's

important you know it's also important

when you're at work to do good work to

be proactive

for example in my last job we had a big

project there was a problem one of our

team members quit and I had to step in

and do his work also and we got the

project finished on time i'm very proud

of that

can you feel the difference between

those answers you see what that does

those two magic words for example they

transform the answer how do they do it

well by being specific see as a job

interviewer what I want is I want proof

I want evidence every person says the

same thing

ok nobody comes into a job interviews as

you know really i'm not a good worker

i'm lazy and I'm always late and I

really hate working and I saw my skills

are no good

nobody says that nobody even though it's

probably true for a lot of them but they

don't say that everybody says they're

always on time

everybody says they're a hard worker

everybody says they have good skills

everybody does so just saying it is

meaningless in a job interview the

interviewer doesn't believe it he hears

every person says exactly the same thing

he doesn't really believe it

so how will you be different how will

you convince him that it's true with

examples specific stories specific

examples specific numbers when you say

for example and then you tell a story to

show your actions not just talk about it

but show specifically when you did

something and how you did it then you

give the interviewer a picture they

start they see you performing and this

will make you so much different than

most other interviewers most other

interviewers are two general you always

want to be specific in your answers

you always want to give an example for

everything everything everything every

answer should have at least one example

specific example don't just say you work

hard talk about a specific time when you

worked hard talk about the details about

how hard it was and i stayed up every

night until midnight then I would sleep

for four hours and then i got up at

eight the next morning and worked again

because this project was so important

that's a specific example of you working

hard talking about a specific example is

so powerful just saying I'm a hard

worker that sucks that's a week it's


everybody says that so when you prepare

for job interviews you

you not only prepare for the all the

different questions you have to prepare

your examples you need you know 20 or 30

great examples from your past to show

that you work hard to show that you

solve problems to show that you can work

with other people well to show that you

know how to make money to show that you

know how to save money to show you that

you're not stupid or crazy or foolish or

difficult so that he come to work on

time all of those things right that

employers are looking for you need

specific stories specific examples to

show each of those things don't just say

it show it with specific examples

this makes you a super-powerful

interviewer they will remember you you

will get a lot more job offers when you

do this in every interview

for example you should use that phrase

those two words in every single answer

you give I'm giving you this is a super

powerful secret it's simple it's simple

but see it takes time because you really

have to think about you going to think

about all the details the more detailed

your example the more detailed your

stories the better the more powerful the

detailed examples that's what's powerful

that's what's convincing that's what

sells yourself to the interviewer that's

what convinces them that you're special

that you are better than the others that

you're different that they should hire


now common question I get especially

from young people maybe just in college

and say well but I don't have any work

experience I don't have any examples

hmm what should i do then

well you need to get examples that means

you need to get out and live your life

get out of the damn classroom stuff just

taking notes and taking tests that's all

useless get out in the real world and do

something useful then you will have the

stories then you will have the examples

how can you do that get a part-time job

even working at McDonalds or pizza

higher fast food that's still a job and

you can still show that you worked hard

that you were on time that you were good

working with other people that you could

handle money there are a lot of good

things that come from a job like that

that you can show just got to think

about it something else you can do is

volunteer volunteer for different groups

charity's events in your school or

outside of your school and again this

shows you can show leadership you can

show examples of hard work you can show

examples of getting results all of those

things you need to get out in the real

world and do

something don't just complain i don't

have a job yet because I've just been in


well that's no excuse you're going to

lose you're going to lose if you just

think that being in schools enough it's

not enough

everybody else interviewing also went to

school so just going to school it's not

enough so you better get your butt out

in the real world and do something

useful then you will have the examples

then you will have the stories and the

other guys won't you'll get the great

jobs they won't

and of course as you get older it should

get easier because you get more and more

and more and more work experience and

life experience so you should have more

and more and more great stories great

examples of all the good things you've

done to prove to prove that you will be

useful and good and skillful and

hardworking and on time and all of those

things you want to prove it don't just

say it

prove it this is also where having good

references can help i gave that one

example if you know you have a great

reference if you did good work for them

and you know they will say great things

about you mention them in the interview

actually encourage the interviewer to

call them say you know one of my

references is my last boss from my last

job and you know I completed a great

project that made fifty thousand dollars

for the company and he was very happy i

encourage you please you know call him

and talk to him about my work I know

that he's going to say great things you

can say it a little differently but you

know some people like that almost afraid

of their references you should have good

references so that you encourage the

interviewer because that's more proof

it's more evidence not just talking

everybody talks the more evidence and

specific examples you can give the

better the chance you get the job and

you get the better jobs and you get

higher pay and over the years as you get

older in your career your career will go

higher and higher better and better as

you get good at this

alright so that's it it's a simple one

today short but this is super powerful

super super powerful I want you to get

out there and get those great jobs you

can do it all right as usual all of the

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