The Girl Who Disappeared


My name is Samuel leni samuel you can call me Len

I'm a private eye

I is a private detective detective who work for anyone who will pay him

I'm not a policeman I work on my own as a private eye

my office is on the west side of Los Angeles on the fourth floor of a high

building there are only two rooms in my office the outer room and the inner room

the outer room is the waiting room there are four chairs in the waiting room

although there are never four people waiting to see me in fact there is

usually no one at all waiting to see me in the inner room there's a cheap wooden

desk is a big wooden share for me to sit on and on the opposite side of the desk

is a low metal chair for my visitors the rest of the furniture in my office

consists of a large empty metal cupboard and the low bed in one corner when there

is a lot of work I sometimes sleep in the office the notice outside my door

says L Samuel private detective

that's me i'm quite tall nearly 2 meters and i weigh 80 kilos a lot of men say

that i'm ugly but women seem to find me attractive

I've got brown eyes brown hair and very nice teeth

I had a good nose too until someone broke in a fight last year

recently i haven't been very busy in fact I've had very little to do however

i did have some work last month

it all started late one afternoon when i was sitting in my office i had just

finished cutting my nails and I was about to clean them suddenly I heard

someone walk into the outer room I always leave the door of the outer room

open in case anyone wants to come in and see me when I heard the footsteps in the

outer room I wasn't very surprised i thought that someone had made a mistake

and come into the wrong office

it was probably someone looking for the doctor next door but a moment later

there was a very quiet knock on the door of the inner room come in i shouted and

put away the scissors i had been cutting my nails with the door opened and in

walked one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen

she was about 18 years old with blue eyes and long

long blonde hair she was wearing a smart green coat and had a big brown handbag

over shoulder

excuse me said the girl I'm looking for mr. Samuels i'm samuel i said with a

quick smile come in and sit down the girl didn't smile back at me

no I won't sit down she said well if you won't sit down at least come in and

close the door i replied the girl came in walked over and put her handbag on my

desk now I said what can I do for you

I need help said the girl slowly but i don't know if you will be able to help


are you a real private detective of course I am i replied angrily didn't you

see the notice on the office door it says L Samuel private detective

i'm samuel I'm a private eye alright mr. Samuels the girl said coldly

there's no need to get angry I have a little job for you right

I said quickly what do you want me to do it's very simple really

the girl replied I want you to find my sister she has disappeared

the picture sequence from the cinema has finished you can look at it once more if

you want

I see I said your sister has disappeared

have you reported his appearance of the police the blonde girl shook her head

she looked very nervous and was starting to cry now I i haven't told the police

she said I don't want any trouble with the police I just wanted to help find my

sister she took a small pink handkerchief out of her handbag and

dried her eyes

alright I said tell me all about your sister her name is Elaine Garfield said

the girl and what's your name

I interrupted Helen Helen Garfield she replied my sister disappeared a week ago

we had arranged to have dinner together last Monday night but she didn't come

perhaps your sister didn't come because she doesn't like the food you cook i

suggested don't try to be funny

I flew all the way from New York to see her last Monday she said angrily oh so

you don't live in los angeles then I said no she replied quickly i live in

new york i flew right across America to see my sister but when I got here I

discovered that she had disappeared

how do you know she's disappeared i asked perhaps your sister just forgot

about the dinner

the blonde girl took a deep breath look she said let me finish my story if you

don't stop asking questions I'll find myself another detective right I said

I'm listening

I waited for my sister last Monday evening in my hotel said the girl but

she didn't come i telephoned her but there was no answer so the next morning

I went to the office where she worked at her office they said that she had been

to work the day before on the Monday they also told me that she left suddenly

in the middle of the afternoon without telling anyone

after that I went round to her flat but there was no one there

the girl stop for a minute and then continued mr. Samuels she said I'm very

worried about my sister

it's not unusual for her to disappear suddenly like this i'm sure that she's

in danger and I want you to find her all right I said it may be easy or it may be

difficult but i'll find there but first tell me why you've waited

three days before coming to me that's none of your business

the girls said okay i replied your sister's name is Elaine Garfield what

does she look like

oh that's easy Helen Garfield replied she looks like me were twins now mr.

Samuels how much money do you charge fifty dollars a day I said very well mr.

Samuels said the girl but fifty dollars a day is a lot of money i hope that you

will work hard for it

oh yes I replied with a smile I work very hard

now give me the address of your sisters flat and the name of the office where

she works i'll start work at once the blonde girl wrote the addresses on a

piece of paper and gave me the paper

one more thing i said can he give me your address to that won't be necessary

she replied as she picked up her handbag I'll come and see you again tomorrow

afternoon at five o'clock

goodbye mr. Samuels without waiting for an answer

the girl turned around and walked out of the office as I watched her walk out of

my office i smiled to myself this is better than cleaning my nails I thought

then I began my work

the picture sequence from the cinema has finished you can look at it once more if

you want

after the blonde girl had left my office i looked at the two addresses which he

had written on the piece of paper

the first was Elaine Garfield apartment 716 Manson building sunset place the

second address was my errand Meyer attorneys Title Insurance Building

putting the paper in my pocket i got up and walked towards the door then I

stopped and went back to my desk i opened the top left-hand drawer and took

out my gun a 38 Smith & Wesson then I put the gun back in the drawer

I decided that it was safe to leave it behind it's easy to get shot if you

carrying a gun i ran down the stairs all four floors and out into the street my

old gray Chrysler was outside so I jumped in and drove off fast towards

sunset place the Manson building was a tall ugly block of apartments I parked

the Chrysler outside and walk towards the big glass front doors

hey mr. a voice said I continued walking a mr. said the voice again

you can't leave your car there i stopped and turned around a man in a gray

uniform was standing by the Chrysler a mr. the man repeated you can't park your

car here

why not i ask because only people who live in the mansion building can park

here he replied so I said how do you know that I don't live in the Manson

building because I'm the porter the man replied I work in the entrance of the

building and let people in and out of the door I know everybody here right

I said then please let me in the porter and I walked up to the big glass front

doors and he let me in

what do you want to see the porter ask Miss Elaine Garfield I said she lives in

apartment 716 i'm sorry the porter replied mrs. Garfield is out when did

she go out i asked trying not to look interested

mind your own business said the porter I'm not gonna tell you and I'm not gonna

let you go up to miss Garfield's apartment when she's not there

why don't you go for a walk I said to the port

and put five dollars in his hand I gave the port of the money to make him go

away the porter shook his head no he said I gave the porter five dollars more

now go for a long walk i said the porter went out into the street and I went up

to apartment 716 miss Elaine Garfield's apartment

the picture sequence from the cinema has finished you can look at it once more if

you want

I rang the bell beside the door of apartment 716 and waited there was no


I rang again but there was still no answer then I took a small square piece

of plastic out of my pocket i looked around I was alone i push the piece of

plastic into the space between the door and the door frame and move the plastic

up and down in a minute the door opened and I went into the flat i stood still

and listen there was silence i switched on the light and looked around it was a

modern apartment i was standing in the living room through an open door on my

left eye could see the bedroom which was very neat and tidy

I looked in the wardrobe it was almost empty

that's funny I thought people who disappear don't usually take most of

their clothes with them they only take the clothes if they've been planning the

disappearance for a long time I walked back into the living room and searched

it carefully but i found nothing to explain Garfield's disappearance and I

went into the kitchen the kitchen was also very clean and tidy there were no

dirty plates and cups there was no old milk in the refrigerator

everything was in its place well I thought there's only the bathroom left

the search now the bathroom to was empty and clean

I want quickly around the flat making sure that I haven't forgotten anything I

wiped everything i had touched with my handkerchief because I didn't want to

leave any fingerprints then I switched off the lights and open the door to

leave but I didn't leave with two men standing outside the door

one of them was short and had red hair and a nasty smile

the other was quite tall and was wearing a hat pulled down over his face

the one with the hat was holding a gun and the gun was pointing at me I tried

to close the door but the redhead man put his foot out to stop the door

closing I let go of the door the door open and both the man came in the one

with the hat was in front and he was still carrying the gun

hold your hands up in the air said the man with the gun then he turned to the

redhead man see if he's got a gun on him joe joe the red

that man came over towards me I waited when Joe was between me and the man with

a gun i jumped I jumped forward caught Joe around the neck

I held him in front of me the man with the gun couldn't shoot because he would

hit his friend right i said to the man with the gun

get out of the way I'm leaving now and I'm taking your friend with me holding

Joe in front of me I walked slowly towards the man with a gun then

something went wrong with my plan

the man with a gun started to laugh he put the gun back in his pocket and stood

laughing why are you laughing I asked i'm laughing because you're so stupid

the man with the gun said and walked up to me stop I said around solid well will

you do ask the man with the gun

you can't do anything I'm the one with the gun as he said this the man leant

forward he pulled Joe out of my hands and hit me in the face i must say that i

wasn't expecting to be hit in the face it hurt it hurt even more when he hit me

again and I fell on the floor i lay still on the floor hoping that the two

men would go away but they didn't go away instead they picked me up and hit

me hard on the head

everything went black i lay on the floor I was unconscious

the picture sequence from the cinema has finished you can look at it once more if

you want

I woke up with a terrible pain in my head I was lying on the floor outside

the front door of Miss Elaine Garfield's apartment i looked around the man with

the gun and his red haired friend left I was alone and I had a terrible headache

i got up slowly and felt my head gently to see if there was any blood there

wasn't any blood but my head was still very painful i decided to go back to the

office and go to bed

there was no sign of the porter at the entrance of the Manson building i walked

out of the door and across to the old gray Chrysler i drove slowly back to the


the telephone was ringing when i arrived at the office I went in quickly and

answered it

Samuel speaking listen Samuel replied a voice forget about Elaine Garfield we

hurt you a little in her apartment if you don't forget all about Elaine

Garfield will hurt you a lot more who are you

I asked but there was no answer the man had put down the telephone

I decided to do with the man that told me I would forget all about it later

Garfield for 10 hours after a good night's sleep I would look for a lane

Garfield i would also try to find the man with the gun and his friend Joe I

laid down on the hard low bed and went straight to sleep

I woke up the next morning at eight o'clock i felt my head carefully but it

did not hurt so much now i left the office and went across the street to the

cafe where I usually had breakfast

I drank a glass of orange juice ate some fresh toast and drank several cups of

coffee i read the morning newspapers there was a lot of news but nothing

about Miss Elaine Garfield i looked at my watch left the cafe and walked over

to the Chrysler by nine o'clock i was outside the title insurance building at

three minutes past nine I was standing outside the door of Meyer and Meyer

attorneys at twenty past 9i was still standing outside the door

nobody had arrived yet to work at nine-thirty the first secretary arrived

and 18 minutes to ten

I was sitting in mr. Maya's office well mr. Meyer i said my name is Samuel and

I'm a private detective

i'm pleased to meet you mr. Maya said politely he was about 55 years old with

a grey suit grey hair and a great face does miss Elaine Garfield work here I

asked yes she does

mr. Maya said but she hasn't been to work since monday the $DAY why do you

want to see Lane her sister has asked me to help find her i replied can you think

of anything Elaine said or did which could explain her disappearance mr.

Myers scratched his head no he said I'm afraid I can't help you

who did Elaine work with I asked mr. Meyer looked at me

why do you say who did Elaine work with and not who does Elaine work with

Elaine's not dead is she

he asked i look straight back at mr. Meyer I don't know if Wayne is dead or

not I said would you be very sad if she was dead

yes of course I would be sad mr. my replied angrily are you trying to

suggest that I know where Elaine is my smile when I don't get excited mr. Maya

I said and he tell me the name of anyone who works with Elaine anyone who shares

a desk with her or works in the same room

yes mr. Maya said that's easy Elena's shares a room with Susie great i got up

thank you very much mr. Meyer I said where is Susie grams office plays it's

along the corridor said mr. Meyer the third door on the left

I thank mr. Meyer again and walk to the door

Oh mr. Samuels mr. Meyer said I'm sorry that I got angry but you understand that

I don't want yes I understand

I interrupted you don't want dirty private detectives in your nice clean

office i walked out of mr. Maya's office and bang the door behind me I walked

slowly down the corridor and knocked on the third door on the left

come in said a voice so i went into the room are you Susie Graham I asked yes

said the girl sitting at the desk

i'm susie i smiled at Susie was the kind of girl everyone smile that she was

small and slim and a pair of beautiful brown eyes

what can I do to help you Susie asked i smiled again I'd like to ask you some

questions miss Graham don't call me Miss Graham the girl said you can call me

Susie well Susie i said i would like to ask you some questions about a friend of

yours name is Elaine Garfield Susie stop smiling

yes all ride she said but I don't want to talk about Elaine here in the office

right i replied I'll tell you what we'll do we'll go out and find a cafe

I'll buy you a cup of coffee and you can tell me about Elaine all right Susie

cheered up and look much happier

I'd like to have a cup of coffee she said but Mr Maya might get angry if I

leave the office

don't worry about mr. Meyer i said with a big smile mr. Meyer and I are great


the picture sequence from the cinema has finished you can look at it once more if

you want

Susie put on her coat and we left the office together we found a little cafe

just opposite the title insurance building in the cafe

I told susie why i was asking questions about Elaine Garfield Elaine's twin

sister Helen thinks that Elaine has disappeared and she has asked me to find

Elaine I said Helen told me that she came to meijer and my last Tuesday she

was told that Elaine had left work suddenly last Monday afternoon is that

right Susie knotted at least part of its ride she said elaine was at work last

Monday and she hurried off in the middle of the afternoon

Susie stop for a minute and then she continued but i don't remember seeing

Elaine sister Helen on tuesday in fact I didn't even know that Elaine had a

sister Elaine sister lives in New York I explain now can you remember last Monday

afternoon did Elaine give any reason for leaving suddenly oh yes

Susie said Elaine said that she wasn't feeling well and he was gonna lie down

did Elaine receive any visitors or phone calls last Monday afternoon i asked no I

don't think so said Susie no wait a minute i think yes

Elaine did receive a phone call just before she left i smiled I don't suppose

that by chance you might have heard any of the telephone conversation

certainly not Susie replied I don't listen to other people's phone calls can

you think of any reason why lane disappeared i asked know Susie replied

elaine was always very friendly with everyone and she didn't seem to have any

troubles did Elaine have any special friends any many women she talked about

a lot i asked no not really

Susie replied Elaine and I used to be quite friendly and we went out dancing

together a lot but recently we haven't been out together at all

I understand i said though I really didn't understand anything at all

can you remember the last time you went out together can you remember the place

you went to go that's easy

Susie said quickly we went to the last cabanas club we always went there it was

about a month ago we had an argument there and we haven't gone out together

since it was the argument about

I asked it was after midnight Susie explain and I wanted to go home but

Elaine said she wanted to stay a bit longer

she said that she had met a wonderful man and didn't want to leave i said i

was going home and I left lane in the club after that evening

one thing led to another what do you mean I asked one thing led to another

Susie smiled i often spoke to Elaine about the man she had met Elaine thought

he was wonderful i told her that he was no good at all

what did Lena say when you told her that I asked with interest

she became very angry replied Susie we have been out dancing together since

then i paid $MONEY for the coffee

you've been very helpful Susie I said and I've only got one more question can

you remember the name of the man lame Garfield met at Alaska banos Benny greep

Susie said that's his name benny greep thank you very much indeed Susie I said

with a smile you've been a great help

not at all Susie said and looked at me with her beautiful big brown eyes if

there's anything else I can do for you just ask i looked straight into her eyes

what are you doing tonight I asked i'll be at home watching television

Susie replied my boyfriend's a boxer and he's fighting in a match on television


goodbye Susie I said and watched as she walked back across the street to the

title insurance building her boyfriend was a boxer that was just my luck

the picture sequence from the cinema has finished you can look at it once more if

you want

I looked at my watch it was nearly eleven o'clock i went back into the cafe

and asked if I could look at the telephone book i turned to l and ran my

finger down the outside of the page

soon I found the name i was looking for alaska banos I look more closely the

address was Alaska banos 232 golden drive telephone 3230 313 i left the cafe

and walked over to where i had parked the Chrysler it wasn't time for lunch

yet so i decided to go and see what Alaska banos was like it took me nearly

20 minutes to drive there and another 10 minutes to find somewhere to park

have you ever seen a night club in the daytime it's a very depressing sight at

night the nightclub seems wonderful

however at a quarter to twelve in the morning it looks old empty and dirty the

man I met at last cabanas looked old empty and dirty to I rang the bell 45

minutes before he answered the door even then he didn't open the door itself

instead he opened a small window in the door what do you want

he asked the club doesn't open until ten o'clock tonight I'm looking for someone

I said someone called Benny greep I don't know anyone called Benny greep the

man replied and started to shut the window

wait a minute i said and push five dollars through the window

that's better the man said and he opened the door and let me in i followed him

across the dance floor

the man was a cleaner he picked up a brush and began to clean the floor you

know where i can find many group i asked a man again if you come back tonight at

ten o'clock you'll find Benny group here

the man said many plays the drums in the band

I give them an another five dollars where can I find Benny now I asked the

man picked up a piece of paper from the floor and wrote an address on it

I took the paper and left immediately as I drove the great chrysler away from

Alaska banos i looked at the address the cleaner and written 5314

arvida street west los angeles

5314 arvida street was an old block of apartments i gave the porter a couple of

dollars and he told me which was Benny groups apartment I walked up the narrow

dark stairs until I came to the fifth floor

I was looking for apartment 507 I knocked on the door of apartment 507 and

waited there was no answer so I rang the bell

no answer i knocked again hard i was still no answer i pushed against the

door and it opened easily i waited there was no sound from the apartment so I

went in the light was on and the curtains were drawn the apartment was

very small

there was one main room which was used as the living room dining room and


the room had two doors one of the doors let into the kitchen and the other into

the bathroom the main room was very untidy the table was covered with dirty

plates and glasses and there was a full ashtray lying on the floor there was a

strange smell in the room I looked into the kitchen the kitchen was also dirty

and untidy i walked across to the bathroom and open the door

Benny group was in the bath his left hand was hanging over the side of the

bath the hand that neatly cut nails and there was a gold ring on one finger the

wrist was covered by a shirt sleeve which was rather dirty I couldn't see

the rest of the arm because it was under the water many groups head was just out

of the water

he had a handsome face and quite long black hair his eyes were wide open the

only other parts of his body out of the water where his feet but I couldn't see

his toes because he still had his shoes and socks on the bath water was red i

pulled out the plug in the bath to let the water out when the bath was empty i

looked at the Deadman more closely had been dead for several hours he had been

shot in the chest and then pushed into the bath i looked on the floor by the

bath there was blood there too and I was standing in it i moved back and clean

the blood off my shoes with some water then I quickly looked around the main

room again the dead man's coat was lying on a chair and I felt in the park

gets i found a few dollars and a driving license the driving licence had a

photograph of the dead man on it the license belong the Bene greep and the

address and the license was 5314 arvida street west los angeles the dead man in

the bath was definitely been Ygritte

the picture sequence from the cinema has finished you can look at it once more if

you want

I moved around the room and carefully cleaned everything i had touched I

didn't want to leave any fingerprints

there was nothing in the room to connect Benny group with Elaine Garfield i

picked up the telephone and ask for the police i'm speaking from apartment 50 75

314 arvida street i said there's a dead man in the bath right said the policeman

at the other end of the telephone

what's your name I told him don't touch anything

the policeman said and stay where you are a police car will be there in a few

minutes i put down the phone and sat down to wait three minutes later I heard

the police car coming

the car stopped outside the building and I could hear heavy feet running up the

stairs two policemen walked into the apartment they were both wearing

ordinary clothes and looked hot and tired one was about 25 years old the

other about 40 the older policeman came up to me and showed me his police papers

where's the body he asked i pointed to the bathroom

both policeman went into the bathroom to have a look the younger one came back

first shaking his head all right said the younger policeman

why did you do it do what I asked in surprise

why did you kill your friend in the bath said the young policeman he wasn't my

friend i replied I don't care if he was your friend and not said the policeman

tell me why you killed him

I didn't kill him i said calmly and what are you doing here

ask the older policeman coming in from the bathroom

my name's leni samuel I explain

I'm a private detective and I came here to talk to Benny greep the door was open

and so I came in I looked in the bathroom and I found the dead man in the

bath so I telephoned the police the dead man is Benny greep why did you want to

talk to Benny greep the younger policeman asked I'm sorry I can't answer

that i replied who are you working for

ask the older policeman I'm sorry I can't answer that either i said as far

as i know Benny groups death doesn't have anything to do with the person i'm

working for tell me who you are working for shouted the younger policeman


take it easy said the older policeman to the younger one

you stay here until the other police arrived i'm going to take mr. Samuels

down to the police station I kept quiet and followed the older policeman out of

the room and down the stairs outside the building we got into my old Chrysler the

policeman drove we were soon at the police station where the policeman

locked me in a small room i sat down on a hard wooden chair in the locked room

and try to sleep

it was no use getting angry or upset at being arrested for murder and is

something you have to get used to if you're a private detective

it happens all the time but I could not sleep i was thinking about all the

things which had happened since i had met Helen Garfield the day before I

couldn't sleep because several things were worrying me but I couldn't remember

what those things were

the picture sequence from the cinema has finished you can look at it once more if

you want

while i was in the police station I remembered one of the things which was

worrying me how it Joe and his tall friend known that I was in a lane

Garfield's apartment the porter at the man's and building must have told the

two men I decided that I would go and talk to the porter when i left the

police station

i SAT back in the chair and looked at my watch the time was nearly four o'clock

then I remembered the Helen garfield was coming to my office at five o'clock i

would not be there to meet her but there was something else that was worrying me

it wasn't anything important

it was quite a small thing but I couldn't remember what it was

suddenly the door opened and a policeman came in standup shouted the policeman

follow me I stood up and follow the policeman out of the room and along a

corridor the policeman stopped knocked on a door and opened it

are you ready to see the private detective asked the policeman as he put

his head around the door without waiting for an answer the policeman open the

door wide and push me into the room

the policeman came into the room and close the door behind him in the room

there was a man sitting behind a desk he was completely bald he had no hair at

all he was about 55 years old and his name was sergeant Murphy sergeant Murphy

had spent all his life in the police and he didn't like private detectives

sergeant Murphy SAT looking at me he looked at me for about five minutes

without saying anything I was standing in front of his desk looking straight

back at him

the silence didn't worry me in fact that quite liked it

the silence was much nicer than questions about what I've been doing in

many groups apartment

what were you doing in many groups apartment as sergeant Murphy suddenly I

wanted to talk to him i replied why did you kill Benny grape shouted sergeant

Murphy suddenly I didn't kill him i replied and I told sergeant Murphy the

same story that i had told the policeman and many groups apartment

I don't believe a word of what you have told me said the sergeant who are you

working for

I'm sorry i replied I can't tell you i'm working for as far as i know Benny

groups death has nothing to do with me or with the person i'm working for iced

often looked at the sergeant I knew that what I had just said wasn't true

in fact I thought many groups death was connected with Elaine Garfield's

disappearance but I couldn't tell the police

Helen Garfield had said that she didn't want the police to know about her

sister's disappearance sergeant Murphy looked me straight in the eyes

I hate all private detectives he said slowly and you are the private detective

that I hate the most

I don't think you're telling me the truth I think you're hiding things from

me i think you know more about Betty groups death and you say you do and you

are gonna tell me all you know now I've already told you all I know i replied

quietly sergeant Murphy's face went red the red color one up until it covered

all of his bald head told try to play games with me he shouted now get out

can I go home now I asked you know said sergeant Murphy the sergeant told the

policeman at the door to take me back to the small room and lock me up again i

went with the policeman didn't argue i don't like arguing with policemen when I

was alone in the room again i sat down i tried to remember the other thing that

had been worrying me earlier

someone had said something important but i could not remember what it was

the picture sequence from the cinema has finished you can look at it once more if

you want

I looked at my watch it was half-past five i was still at the police station

I'd seen sergeant Murphy once more during the afternoon it hadn't been a

pleasant meeting I haven't told the sergeant who i was working for and I

haven't told him why I wanted to talk to Benny greep half-past five

I wonder if Helen garfield was waiting for me at my office

suddenly the door the room opened and sergeant Murphy came in Dad's out he

said I decided to let you go now go before I change my mind i went before

sergeant Murphy changed his mind as I got my car out of the police garage

I wondered why sergeant Murphy and let me go as I drove away from the police

station I noticed a small yellow car behind me a minute later I looked in the

mirror again the small yellow car was still behind me i drive a little faster

and then suddenly turned right up a narrow street at the end of the narrow

street i turned left and then left again soon i was back on the main road

I looked in the mirror the yellow car was still right behind me so that was

why sergeant Murphy and let me go

the sergeant had ordered some policemen to follow me they were gonna watch what

i did and who i met i drove straight back to the office as I parked the car

outside i noticed the yellow car had stopped across the road

I ran up the stairs and into my office the door to the outer room was open as

usual but the room was empty

Helen Garfield wasn't there but there was a letter on the table on top of the

magazine's I picked the letter up and read it i am mr. Samuels I came here at

five o'clock and waited but you didn't come i must see you urgently

meet me at laska banos at eleven-thirty tonight Helen Garfield i put the letter

in my pocket and looked at my watch it was just after six o'clock i had five

and a half hours before the meeting with Helen Garfield there's plenty of time to

go to the Manson building and talk to the porter I got into the Chrysler and

drove off the words the man's and building a small yellow car was still

following me as I drove

I thought about Helen Garfield's letter why does she want to meet me at last

cabanas i asked myself in fact how does she know about last cabanas at all

she says that she lives in New York i would have to ask Miss Helen Garfield a

few questions the next time I saw her but the most important thing now is to

get away from the yellow car which was still following me I was going to the

building where lane Garfield lived and I didn't want the police to know there

were two men in the yellow car i turned right and the yellow car followed I

stopped and the yellow car stopped i turned the Chrysler around and the

yellow car turned around I tried to drive faster than the yellow car but the

Chrysler was too old and too slow

I slow down and waited until I was near the next traffic lights then just as the

lights were changing from green to red

I drove across them the yellow car was too late

the lights will now read but that didn't stop the car drove straight past the red

light then as I looked angrily in my mirror something happened which made me


police men on a motorbike drove after the yellow car

the policeman made the drivers stopped because he had driven past the red light

i drove away as fast as possible in my mirror I could see the driver inside the

car are giving with the policeman on the motorbike it was the funniest sight i

had seen for a long time i drove on toward the Manson building happy to have


I may even have sung a little because i was feeling so good

the picture sequence from the cinema has finished you can look at it once more if

you want

as I was driving a paleta words the Manson building i had a surprise i

looked in the mirror the yellow car was coming up fast behind me I drove as fast

as I could but the yellow car got closer and closer

just then a dog ran across the road in front of the Chrysler I braked hard and

the tires screamed as the Chrysler stopped suddenly to avoid the dog then

there was the scream of more tires as the driver of the yellow car tried to

stop there was a loud crash and a bang as the small yellow car ran right into

the back of my big old gray Chrysler the two men and the yellow car weren't hurt

but the car was badly damaged at the front oil and water were running out

onto the road the old Chrysler was not damaged at all i got out and walked back

to the yellow car you want to be more careful i said to the driver you were

driving very dangerously

its lucky for you that my car isn't badly damaged but but the driver began

to say but i did not wait to listen I ran back to the Chrysler jumped in and

drove on the last I saw the yellow car was the two men pushing it to the side

of the road

I was soon at the mansion building and I went into the hall to look for the

porter I couldn't see him anywhere

then I noticed the door with a sign on it saying Porter I not quietly but there

was no answer

I opened the door slowly and looked into the room the porter was sitting at his

desk asleep

his feet were on the desk and he was lying back in his chair i walked quickly

and quietly into the room and close the door and went up to the desk and notice

the piece of paper lion by the telephone there was a telephone number written on

the paper 3230 313 Alaska banos i said to myself that's the telephone number of

the night club without waking the porter i left the room I had found out what I

wanted to know the two men who hit me on the head had probably come from Alaska

banos the porter must telephone them when i went up to Elaine Garfield's flat

i was now very interested in Alaska

bonus in garfield used to go dancing there was Susie many group work there

before he was killed Helen Garfield wanted to meet me there at half past

eleven and now the porter and the two men who hit me on the head were

connected with Alaska banos I went home washed changed and had a meal at eleven

o'clock i went out again i was going to Alaska banos there are lots of cars

parked outside and i had to leave the Christ look quite a long way away from

the nightclub as I walked up to the entrance of Alaska banos it started to

rain heavily I knocked on the door and the little window and the door opened a

face look at me for a minute then the door opened and I went in the club no

longer looked empty and dirty soft lights and sweet music and change the

appearance of the club completely i stood and looked around it was a small

dance floor on which a few people with dancing

the band was small and not very good

there was a new drummer instead of Benny greep around the dance floor several

groups of people were sitting around low tables to the right of the dance floor

there were more tables where people were eating there were two doors behind the

tables which led into the kitchen

i sat down at a table by the dance floor in the darkest part of the room and



the picture sequence from the cinema has finished you can look at it once more if

you want

exactly at eleven-thirty Helen Garfield came into the nightclub she was looking

as beautiful as ever but seemed to be a little worried her blue eyes looked

around the room until she saw me then with a little smile she walked up and

sat down at the table she sat next to me with her back to the dance floor she was

carrying a bag which he put on the floor beside her smile disappeared from her


where were you this afternoon mr. Samuels she said sharply I'm paying you

fifty dollars a day in return for that money I want you to do what I tell you

now why weren't you at your office this afternoon at five o'clock i took a deep

breath well mrs. Garfield I said it's a long story let's have a drink and I'll

tell you all about it

a waiter came over and I ordered some drinks when the waiter had gone the

beautiful blonde girl said come on mr. Samuels tell me okay i said but stop

calling me mr. Samuels call me Len all my friends call me land i'm not a friend

of yours mr. Samuels the blonde girl said in a voice like ice

I'm paying you a lot of money to work for me

fifty dollars a day doesn't allow you to be rude to me i replied quietly in the

last 24 hours I've been hit on the head and suspected of murder

what do you mean the girl said and led towards me

murder just then the waiter brought the drinks and we sat in silence until he

had gone then I told Helen Garfield about my visit to assist his apartment

in the Manson building

I told her about the two men who had caught me there Ellen Garfield listened

in silence you like the band mrs. Garfield I asked I didn't come here to

talk about the band the blonde girl said angrily

the band has got a new drama tonight I said because I found the old drummer

dead in his bath this morning

the blonde girl turned around quickly to look at the band she said something to

herself which I didn't hear she lifted her right hand and started stroking her

hair she looked sad and very worried what what was the drummer the dead man's

name Helen Garfield last Greek

I said Benny greep I don't suppose that you know Benny group to ya Helen

Garfield shook her head no she said I told her what had happened at the police

station then I told her about the policeman who had followed me in a

yellow car do you think they're still following you

the blonde girl ask quickly and looked around the club i told her how i had got

away from the yellow car now I'm is Garfield i continued it's time for me to

ask you a few questions there are some things about your sister's disappearance

which worried me I want to ask you about them all right she said but I don't

think I can help you

I don't know much about the lanes life here i don't know very much about Los

Angeles either i said back in my chair and looked at it this beautiful blonde

girl was paying me fifty dollars a day to find her sister I liked what I saw

then very quietly I began to ask Helen Garfield some questions you don't know

Los Angeles very well I began

that's right the girl replied but you were able to find out where Elaine

worked i continued and he went to meijer and Meyer last Tuesday to ask if they

knew anything about Elaine yes

the girl said looking at me closely what did you speak to admire admire I asked

Susie know the girl said i spoke to mr. Meyer I want to ask you something else i

said when i went to Elaine's flat i noticed something unusual there were

very few clothes in the wardrobe

it seems your sister plan to disappearance quite carefully she had

taken her clothes with her i see the girl said and looked around the


I waited until she looked back at me do you like it here

I asked yes she said I like it too i said but there's something else which is

worrying me

do you mind if I ask you one more question not at all

the girl said well I began I've been wondering why you ask me to meet you

here at Alaska banos Helen Garfield push back her chair and stood up would you

please excuse me for a minute

she said

she picked her bag up from the floor and walked over towards the ladies toilet

which was near the entrance would you like another drink

I shouted after yes please she shouted back / shoulder I wanted two more drinks

and sat back in my chair I looked around the nightclub it was almost midnight

the picture sequence from the cinema has finished you can look at it once more if

you want

the dance floor and last cabanas waiting for Helen Garfield to come back from the

toilet i was waiting for her to answer my question

I wanted to know why she had asked me to meet her here I looked around at the

people who are dancing on the other side of the dance floor I could see people

sitting eating at the tables waiters were carrying food in and out of the two

doors leading to the kitchen i looked at my watch again it was five past twelve

Ellen garfield was taken a long time i finished my drink and ordered another

one at ten past 12

I got up and walked over towards the entrance there was a man standing by the

front door of the nightclub I asked him if he had seen Helen the beautiful

blonde with blue eyes

the man asked yes I said she left nearly a quarter of an hour ago said the man

are you sure i asked yes the man replied she asked me to get her a taxi

did you hear her give the taxi driver an address i ask quickly the man shook his

head no he said thanks Annie

I thank the man and walked back to my seat

why did helen Garfield leave without telling me ask myself perhaps some of

the questions that I asked made her angry just then I looked up and saw a

man walking across the dance floor towards me I recognize the man he was

short with red hair

he was looking at me and smiling in a rather unfriendly way it was Joe one of

the men would found me and Elaine Garfield's apartment i decided to leave

i stood up and started to walk towards the door I didn't want to meet Joe again

as i walk towards the door I thought that I heard someone shouting excuse me

sir said a voice I didn't stop a look around then I heard the voice again

excuse me sir you haven't paid your bill i had forgotten to pay for the drinks

the waiter came running up to me and i quickly took out ten dollars and gave

them to the waiter you can keep the change

i said as i gave him the money without waiting for a reply I turned and hurried

towards the door and I heard the waiters voice again

excuse me sir excuse me sir he said I

stopped and turned around the waiter came up to me excuse me sir ten dollars

is not enough

he said the price of your drinks is $12 Alaska banos is very expensive i said as

i gave the waiter another five dollars now you can keep the change

then I stopped thinking about money Joe was walking quickly towards me I turned

around and ran towards the door as fast as I could

I got to the door and was just about to leave Alaska banos and I was happy

because i had escaped then I got a surprise there standing by the door of

the nightclub was Jose to all friend

it was the same man who hit me on the head and miss Garfield's apartment

the tall man and see me coming and had moved in front of the door now I

couldn't get out

the picture sequence from the cinema has finished you can look at it once more if

you want

I stopped and looked behind me Joe was closer now and the smile on his face

looked very unfriendly I was caught I could not go out of the door and Joe was

right behind me I turned around quickly and ran towards Joe before he knew what

I was doing I put my arms around him and started dancing

he was very surprised and tried to pull away from me but he couldn't fight

properly he was afraid that the other people would notice i looked over my

shoulder and saw the tall man standing helplessly on the side of the dance

floor I pushed Joe into the middle of the dance floor where there were lots of

other people dancing then I felt something sharp touching my back

it was a knife stop trying to be funny Samuel said Joe angrily stop dancing and

go over to the door or else i'll push this knife India we were right in the

middle of the dance floor and a long way from the tall man Joe was holding a

knife against my back some of the other people around us had stopped dancing

they were staring and surprised at the sight of two men dancing together I

lifted my foot and kick Joe's leg as hard as I could

he gave a cry of pain and fell to the floor I looked around to see where i

could run to joe's tall friend was coming through the dancers towards me I

turned around and ran off the dance floor I look back over my shoulder and

saw that both Joe and his friend were following me i ran between the tables

where people were eating the floor was slippery and I fell over as I fell I

knocked over a table and the plates of food and glasses fell on top of me i got

up quickly and ran out through one of the doors into the kitchen then I

stopped and counted to five as Joe and his tall friend were coming towards the

door I pushed the door closed as hard as I could

there was a loud bang as the man ran into the door nice smiled and turned

round but i did not smile for very long

three cooks were coming towards me with big kitchen knives in their hands

I looked at the cooks and at the knives they were holding I thought about

running towards them and trying to fight them

I decided that it would be a stupid idea to try and fight three big men with

knives to my left

it was a very big saucepan full of boiling soup on the stove i picked it up

and threw it at the cooks they were loud cries of pain as the hot soup hit the


men just then the door open behind me Joe and his tall friend stood in the

doorway and the tall man was holding a gun

there's a loud bang as the gun went off the bank was followed by a scream of

pain from one of the cooks because the tall man had shot him in the foot by

mistake and i quickly picked up a large pile of dirty plates and threw them at

Joe he saw the plates coming and he tried to move away as he moved he

slipped on the floor and fell onto a pile of broken plates without waiting I

ran into a door at the back of the kitchen

the door was locked and I banged against the door with my shoulder the lock broke

easily and I pushed the door open as i ran out into the dark street I could

still hear the shouts and cries coming from the club i came to the Chrysler and

bent over to open the door

just then there was a noise behind me I turned around and saw a man with his arm

raised then I felt a terrible pain in my head everything went black i felt the

ground unconscious

the picture sequence from the cinema has finished you can look at it once more if

you want

and now asked voice I opened my eyes and looked around me I didn't know where I

was I was lying on something hard and there was a bright light on my eyes

where am I I asked then I realized what I was recognized the gray walls the hard

furniture and the bright electric lights i was in the police station again beyond

better now the voice repeated i looked at the policeman he was talking to me

yes I said very slowly but my head feels as if it is breaking in half

you're lucky to be alive said the policeman the police car found you lying

in the middle of the road on golden drive you would have been hit by passing

cars and probably killed if the police car and found you I thought for a moment

I wasn't sure how much the police knew I didn't want to tell the police anything

they did not already know

yes i was lucky I said by the way what was a police car doing on golden drive

all said the policeman there is a big fight at a nightclub called laska banos

we had a telephone call to say that there was a madman in the club the

madman was breaking up all the furniture a police car was sent to the nightclub

but the madman escape before the police arrived the police car was returning

when I found you lying in the middle of the road he were very lucky that car

nearly ran right over you i smiled I don't feel very lucky i replied in fact

I feel terrible

nevermind said the policeman and you walk and I stood up and walked a few

steps my head hurt but otherwise I felt alright

yes I said I can walk good

the policeman said let's walk along the corridor then and have a talk with a

friend of yours

we went along the corridor the policeman stopped at a door and knocked it was a

shout from inside the room and the policeman open the door

I walked into the room and the policeman followed he shut the door and stood in

front of it there was only one desk in the room

and behind the desk was a man he was bald

it was my old friend sergeant Murphy hello sergeant Murphy i said trying to


how are you feeling tonight sergeant Murphy didn't smile back at me are you

trying to be funny yes it is a night it's mornin

you've been unconscious on night oh I said now said sergeant Murphy let's

begin I want you to tell me why you were lying unconscious in the middle of

golden drive at half-past twelve last night you were a danger to the traffic i

thought that the traffic was a danger to me i replied but the sergeant didn't

even smile I waiting for you to tell me what happened said the sergeant nothing

much happened i began i spent part of the evening at Alaska banos and left

just before midnight

I walked back to my car just as i was about to get into the car someone hit me

over the head that's the last I remember this policeman and I pointed to the one

standing by the door told me that I had been found in the middle of the road

someone must have put me there sergeant Murphy smiled

yes he said someone who wanted to kill you put you in the middle of the road

someone was hoping that a car would hit you and kill you i smiled back at the

sergeant can you think of anyone who would want to kill you

the sergeant asked me oh yes I replied hundreds of people would like to kill me

including a few policemen

the picture sequence from the cinema has finished you can look at it once more if

you want

did you leave last cabanas before midnight ask sergeant Murphy that's

right i replied i left the nightclub just before 12 so you weren't at last

cabanis when the big fight started just after 12 asked the sergeant big fight i

said trying to sound surprised

don't sound so surprised said sergeant Murphy angrily we received a telephone

call from the order of Alaska banos he said that just after midnight last night

at our man with brown hair and brown eyes called leni samuel attacked or the

people at the club the owner of the club said that you then attacked and injured

three cooks then you broke over 100 plates and a table and ruined food worth

several hundred dollars

I didn't say anything I could not think of anything to say

did you really do all that sergeant Murphy asked in a different voice the

sergeant sounded both surprised and pleased

did you really do all that on your own or did you have meant to help you I did

it all on my own I said beginning to feel a little proud of myself you know

that you could go to prison for six months for what you did last night it

the sergeant asked he was laughing as he said it I wasn't laughing I couldn't see

anything funny about six months in prison

look sergeant Murphy said I'm not stupid i agreed with the sergeant that he was

not stupid I'm not stupid

sergeant Murphy repeated and I know why you're at last cabanas last night any

grape used to work there and you went to find out about his death

I agreed with the sergeant again it seems the best thing to do now sergeant

Murphy said slowly i'm interested in Alaska banos the club is owned by people

who are criminals but we can't prove that they have broken the law

I've also interested in many groups murder now what I suggest is this

tell me all you know about Alaska banos and Benny group and i will let you go if

you tell me all you know you won't go to prison for the fight at the nightclub

but I want the truth not the lies you told me yesterday I took a deep breath

even started to tell the sergeant what I knew I told him about everything except

the lane Garfield I wasn't sure how closely Elaine garfield was connected

with many groups death so I told the sergeant that Helen Garfield from New

York and asked me to find out about Alaska banos sergeant Murphy asked me

for Helen Garfield's address in new york and i said i didn't know it then the

sergeant asked me where Helen garfield was staying in los angeles i said i

didn't know I told sergeant Murphy all that I knew about Benny greet except

that the drummer had known felon Garfield then I asked him about the two

men in the yellow car who had followed me

the sergeant smiled and said that the two men were policemen finally I told

him about the fight Alaska banos sergeant Murphy listen to everything

when I had finished my story he looked at me in silence for a few moments right

Samuel I hope that you've told me the truth and all the truth if you've been

telling me more lies I'll make sure that you go to prison for six months because

of the fight Alaska banos now you can go i stood up

thank you i said with a smile sit down

he said and listen you can go but you must promise to tell me anything you

find out about last cabanas and about Benny greep I promise I said quickly and

stood up

wait a minute since sergeant Murphy I have one more thing to tell you i'm

going to telephone the new york police i'm going to ask them to find out all

they can about Helen Garfield if the police New York discovered that you've

told me lies about Helen Garfield you will be in very serious trouble

I told the sergeant not to worry and thank him very much

I left the police station feeling very happy because sergeant Murphy and let me

go I call the taxi and went out to golden drive to get the Chrysler

the picture sequence from the cinema has finished you can look at it once more if

you want

I drove the Chrysler back to the office and walked up the stairs the office

looked just the same then 10 letters for me I went down to the cafe and had a

late breakfast as I drank my coffee I thought about some of the things Helen

Garfield had told me at last cabanas before the fight i decided to check one

of the things immediately and walked over to the telephone

I opened the telephone book and looked on the $TIME a.m. until I found the

telephone number of Meyer and Maya I picked up the telephone and dialed the


Maya and Maya good morning said a voice which I recognized can I help you hello

Suzie I said this is lance Samuel you remember me

of course I remember you said Susie did your boyfriend when his boxing match on

television I asked know Susie replied and anyway he's not my boyfriend anymore

really I said happily thinking that perhaps I can ask susie to go for a

drink with me

yes Susie said the boxers had a fight with my new boyfriend outside my house

last night and who won i asked my new boyfriend replied Suzie oh I said sadly

and what does your new boyfriend do my new boyfriend's our weightlifter he

lifts big weights in competitions i was about to say goodbye then I remembered

that I had not telephone to speak to Suzie I wanted to speak to her boss mr.

Maya can I speak to mr. Maya please Suzy I asked ride

Susie said I'll put you through to mr. Maya goodbye

there was a pause and then i heard mr. Myers voice hello my you speaking a good

morning mr. Meyer i said in the deep voice I had put my handkerchief over the

telephone so that mr. Meyer would not know my voice this is the police

I said sergeant Murphy speaking I pretended to be sergeant Murphy so that

mr. my would answer my questions

good morning said mr. Meyer what do you want to ask me about it's about a girl

who works for you

I said her name is Elaine Garfield she has disappeared and we're trying to find


Elaine sister Helen came to see you

excuse they didn't she know said mr. Meyer Elaine sister didn't come to see

me last Tuesday and I didn't know that Elaine had a sister until a private

detective told me he said that Elaine sister was called Helen the telephone

line was very bad and it was difficult for me to hear what mr. Meyer was saying

what did you say I asked I said that

Elaine's sister was called Helen replied mr. Meyer the names are very similar

aren't they

thank you very much mr. Baier i said and put the telephone down mr. Maya was


the name's Helen and Elaine were very similar elane Garfield had disappeared

and so far i was the only person who had met Helen Garfield i left the cafe and

walked back up to my office as I climbed the stairs

I can hear my telephone ringing I didn't hurry i walked slowly along the corridor

into my office and answered the telephone is that Samuel the voice said

I recognize the voice at once he was Joe yes i said this is len Samuel listen

Samuel joe said we wanted lane God field and we think you know where she is

we are coming to your office to see you wait for us

don't go out but I i started but it was too late Joe and put the telephone down

i sat down at my desk sadly now what's gonna happen I thought Joe and his

friend will come to see me I'll ask me if I know where Elaine Garfield is but I

don't know where she is

I wonder if they will believe me when I tell them the telephone rang again I

picked it up

hello i said hello Samuel said a familiar voice hello sergeant Murphy i

replied trying to sound pleased we've just telephone New York the sergeant

said angrily and a new york police were very helpful

the new york police told us that there is no such person as Ellen Garfield

Helen Garfield does not exist there is no one living in New York called Helen

Garfield you were

when you told me that you were working for Helen Garfield but I started out

listen the sergeant interrupted i am sending a police car around to your


I want to see you wait for the police car

don't go out the sergeant put down the telephone and i SAT back in my chair I

was worried what would happen now Joe was coming to see me and so was a


I tried to think of what I would say to them both i hope that the policeman and

joe would not arrive at the same time

the picture sequence from the cinema has finished you can look at it once more if

you want


again I was afraid to answer it the telephone continues ringing finally i

did answer it hello

I said is that mr. Samuels asked voice it was Helen Garfield yes mrs. Garfield

i replied this is len Samuel speaking I must see you said Helen Garfield well i

would like to talk to you too mrs. Garfield I said slowly and I think there

are a lot of things you and I must talk about right

the girl said meet me at the seventh man cafe in five minutes

do you know what the cafe is it's about half a mile from your office

I know the seventh man i replied but i can't meet you in five minutes because

i'm expecting visitors

you must come in once mr. Samuels she said but I began it was too late

Helen garfield and put a telephone down i got up from the chair and walked to

the door I decided to go and meet Helen Garfield both Joe and sergeant Murphy

had told me not to go out but i decided i would rather talk to Helen Garfield

into the policeman or the Joe if Joe and the policeman came when I was out they

could talk to each other i left the building and drove the Chrysler down the

road i was very lucky because i was able to park right outside the seventh man i

walked into the café Helen garfield was sitting at a table in the corner I

walked over and sat down beside ER I ask the waiter for a cup of coffee I drank

the coffee without saying anything

then I put the cup down and looked at the beautiful blonde girl sitting beside

me is Garfield I said you are a very beautiful girl but I think you are a


I think that everything you've said to me has been lies i don't think you've

ever told me the truth

the blonde girl's face slowly became red she looked straight at me mr. Samuels

she said I'm paying you a lot of money to work for me I asked you to find my


I didn't ask you to call me a liar well mrs. Garfield i think i have found

Elaine Garfield would you like me to tell you where she is

yes the blonde girl said where is Elaine

she's here in this cafe I said Elaine Garfield is sitting next to me you are

Elaine Garfield Helen Garfield doesn't exist

you pretended to be Helen Garfield but they're really never was any such person

the police in New York say that Helen Garfield doesn't exist

I went on Helen garfield and Elaine Garfield are the same person you are

Elaine garfield and you pretended to be Helen the blonde girl stood up angrily

how much money do you want mr. Samuels you are no longer working for me she

shouted sit down I said quietly

the blonde girl did not sit down so I pulled her down beside me now listen

miss Garfield I said firmly you are going to tell me all about yourself and

why you came to see me

I want to know all about Benny group and last cabanas I want to know why you

disappeared i will tell you anything she said oh yes you will tell me everything

i replied you'll tell me everything or else I'll take you straight to the


you see the police are looking for me at this moment the police think that i may

have killed Benny greep i continued the police know that i had a fight at last

cabanas last night a redhead man and his tall friend are also chasing me

they are the two men who started the fight at last cabanas they will try to

kill me if I don't tell them where you are so you see mr. Garfield I think you

had better tell me everything i'm the only person who can help you

the blonde girl sat in silence for a minute then she began to cry

alright she said I'll tell you everything I am Elaine Garfield

the picture sequence from the cinema has finished you can look

I looked at the blonde girl so you agree that you're really Elaine garfield and

not Helen I said quietly now tell me about Benny greep the girl took a deep


Susie Graham and I used to go out dancing together a lot said Elaine we

often went to Alaska banos one night when we were there i met a wonderful man

called Benny Benny was the drummer in the band

I liked him very much and went to the nightclub very often to see Benny we

became very good friends the girl stopped again and took out her

handkerchief go on

I said quietly I used to go to Alaska banos to see Benny nearly every night

but it was difficult for us to talk to each other

the girl continued why was it difficult for you and Benny to talk to each other

i asked because many was the drummer in the band of course lan Garfield replied

we couldn't talk to each other very much because he was playing with the band

most of the evening i understand i said and ordered two more coffees so i spent

a lot of time in less cabanas watching Benny play the drums

the girl said and i also watched everything else which happened in the


what did you see I asked i didn't notice anything unusual at first the girl

replied but after a few nights i noticed that the same people always came to the

club at the same time which people i asked there was a red-haired man at all

man who never took off his hat and 12 others said Elaine Garfield yes i said i

think i have met two of them they were the men who hit me on the head and the

Manson building anyway the girl continued one night I asked many why

these men came to the club every night when he told me not to ask questions so

i watch the men more carefully afterwards and noticed that they always

arrived with bags but when the men left they weren't carrying bags

what did you do then i asked i asked me about the man again she said then he

said that there were a lot of strange things happening at Alaska bonus and

that it was dangerous to ask questions

the waiter brought the coffees and Elaine waited until he had gone

one night she continued one of the men was sitting at the table next to me he

was talking to some other men and he opened the bag he was carrying i was

sitting quite close and I could see into the bag the bag was full of diamonds and

jewelry really i said and drank my coffee I told me about the bag of

jewelry later on in the evening continued Elaine been he was very

excited at the news he told me that he had known for a long time that criminals

use laska baddest they use the club as a place to buy and sell stolen things

Benny and I talked all evening about the bag of jewelry then he said that the

jewelry was stolen

the men who were selling it were criminals and they had stolen the


well Elaine continued when he wanted to steal one of the bags

he said that the jewelry was stolen so it didn't matter if we stole it from the


I agreed to help him we hope to sell the bag and to use the money to go away


I see I said and did you help Benny to steal the bag of jewelry

yes we waited for nearly a week Elaine replied then last Sunday I had a chance

to steal the bag it was at the end of the evening and nearly everyone had left

the club i had found out where they hid the bag and i was able to take it and

give it to Benny Benny had big bags in which he carried his drums it was easy

for him to hide the bag of jewelry in the drum bag we left the club together

with the bag of jewelry we decided to hide the jewelry in my apartment and

then sell it later

the next day was monday Elaine continued and i went to work in the afternoon I

had a telephone call from Benny Benny said that the red-haired man knew that

the bag of jewelry had been stolen

he was very angry when he told me to stop work and go home

he told me to stay at home to make sure that no one came to take the jewels then

he was going to continue working at last cabanas then no one would think that he

had stolen the jewels and it just stay at home i asked

yes I stayed at home for three days Elaine replied but I was afraid that the

red-haired man would find out where I was living then he would come to get the

bag of jewelry so what did you do

I asked that was easy she said with a smile

I moved into a hotel in the center of the town and then came to see you but

why did you come to see me I asked to make sure that I was safe said Elaine I

pretended to be my sister and said that I had disappeared i asked you to find me

then I knew that I was safe

why i asked because you were looking for me

Elaine continued if the men from Azkaban is found me and took me away you would

find out and chase them

thank you very much for thinking that I am such a good detective

I said but why didn't you tell me the truth

that's easy said Elaine I didn't want to tell you about the jewels

the picture sequence from the cinema has finished you can look at it once more if

you want

go on with your story I said the evening I came to see you at your office said

Elaine I telephoned Benny at last cabanas I told me what I had done then

he told me that the red-haired man knew that we had stolen the jewelry then he

told me that there would be no trouble if I brought the jewels back to Alaska

banos the next night you were stupid to trust the redhead man i said i know the

girl said I was afraid so I asked you to meet me at last cabanas at midnight so

you didn't know that many was dead until I told you at laska banos I said no

Elaine said that is why I ran away before midnight i decided not to give

them the jewelry because they had killed many you've still got the jewels then I

asked in surprise

where are they here Elaine said and pointed to a small bag under the table i

reached under the table picked up the bag and opened it

the bag was full of diamonds and jewelry just then I heard a voice and at the

same time

Elaine screamed give it to me said the voice I looked up quickly and saw Joe

standing beside me his tall friend was right behind him

give me the bag said Joe once again how did you know I was here I asked you park

your car right outside i said joe with a laugh now give me the bag

I passed him the bag as I gave him the bag I jumped to my feet and hit Joe hard

in the face he tripped and fell heavily on to the floor i moved awards the tall

man who was still standing a few feet away i was about the run Adam but then I

stopped the tall man had taken a gun from his pocket and the gun was pointing

straight at me right said the tall man don't move or else I'll shoot you

Joe got up from the floor he still had the bag of jewelry in his hand together

Joe and his friend with the gun walk towards the door they walked backwards

to make sure that Elaine and I did not try to get the bag back as the two men

reach the door i started the laughs what do you often at shouted the man with the

gun with it

look behind you I said both men turned

around and looked in the doorway of the cafe stood sergeant Murphy with two

other policemen sergeant Murphy jumped on the tall man with the gun and Joe ran

back into the café I step forward to stop Joe and he ran straight into me

we both fell on the floor and the two policemen ran up one of the policemen

held Joe the other policemen held me they are the criminals I shouted

pointing at Joe and his friend not me

you are all coming down to the police station sergeant Murphy said and looked

over to a lane Garfield you must come to it took a long time to tell sergeant

Murphy the whole story in the end he believed was late and I told him the

sergeant warned me not to tell him lies again and agreed to let me go free

Elaine told sergeant Murphy all she knew about Alaska banos the sergeant was very

pleased to catch Joe and his friend with the jewels sergeant Murphy agreed to let

lane go free because she helped catch the criminals as we were leaving the

police station I asked sergeant Murphy how he had found us in the seventh man

cafe it was very lucky really said the sergeant we went to your office to see

you but you weren't there as we believe and we saw the red-haired man and his

friend entering we waited and when they left

we followed them to the cafe thank you very much sergeant said Elaine and thank

you very much mr. Samuels that's alright i said you are paying me fifty dollars a


i'm sorry mr. Samuels Healing said I'm afraid I can't pay you now that I've

given the jewels to the police

I don't have any money i smiled and got into the old gray Chrysler and drove

back to the office

I didn't say goodbye when I got back to the office and sat down in my chair

it's not much fun being a

I've and I get hit on the head nearly killed and chased by the police and you

don't always get paid