Entering Godmode


The word entheogenic means god-facilitating.

And it's this idea that tools and techniques of ecstasy

can act as conduits, as mediation

catalysts for encounters with the numinous.

They are essentially god-hacks, OK?

It's this notion that we are able to tweak

our subjective experience to catalyze

a shift in consciousness that leads us to kind of god-mode.

And as Mckenna says, "Do not give in to the astonishment."

The realization that reality is but a matrix of perception,

that we can pierce that veil, that we can raise the stage

is astonishing.

It means we are ontological engineers.

We are the music makers and we are the dreamers of dreams


We tumble down that rabbit hole.

We re-inscribe, redefine, re-edit

the nature of that rabbit hole.

The wonderland becomes our wonderland.

The hero's journey becomes the map

for our own ecstatic illumination.

And I love this notion.

You know, Mircia Eliade, the philosopher,

talked about techniques of ecstasy.

He described shamans as literally ecstatic technicians

of the sacred.

This is my dream, right?

This notion that we actually are able to create conditions,

to create spaces for all of us to become ecstatic technicians

of the sacred.

That the passport to the numinous

lies within and that we can hack it.

That there is a god-hack.


It's an entheogenic revolution.

Boundaries are being dissolved and we are being reborn.

It is our birthright.

It is our birthplace.

We are as gods.

We might as well get good at it.

Cognitive ecstasy, meta-cognitive ecstasy