Fadi: Morning Olivia!

Olivia: Hello there!

Fadi: Do you live here?

Olivia: How do you mean?

Fadi: It's just that every time I come in here, you're hereit's like you live here or something

Olivia: Just taking a break that's all

Fadi: You're always taking a break.

Olivia: Well my shop's next door, so it's so easy just to pop in here when things are quiet

Fadi: Where's the little thief today?

Olivia: Who? Oh! You mean my little nephew Joe

Fadi: Exactlythe sweet little pest!

Olivia: He's with his mum, my sister, today, you'll be relieved to know.

Fadi: Has Harry been in today?

Olivia: He dropped by the shop before. Said he might pop in here later for a coffee.

Fadi: I think he's angry with me, perhaps I should avoid him for a bit.

Olivia: Why's he angry with you?

Fadi: Oh, you know, we argued about moneyhe was going to do that job for me

Olivia: Oh yeah, but don't worry. I'm sure he's not really angry. And even if he is, he'll soon forget it. You know what he's like!

Fadi: Yeah, I guess so. I'll just let it drop.

Fadi and Olivia: Hi there!

Sarah and Magda: Hello

Fadi: Cheer up! What's up with you two?

Sarah: Just the usual

Olivia: How's the flat-hunting going Sarah?

Sarah: Still nothing. I really need somewhere to live. I'm getting desperate. I'll end up homeless if things don't get better!

Olivia: Oh come on, it's not that bad

Sarah: No, of course it's not, butit's so difficult to find a place

Fadi: I'm glad you showed upI wanted to talk to you about that

Sarah: Oh yeah?

Fadi: Yeah - I've heard of something that might interest you

Sarah: Great! What is it?

Fadi: A cousin of mine has a spare room in his house.

Olivia: A cousin of yourshow many people are there in your family…?

Fadi: A lot!

Sarah: That sounds goodcan I look at the flat?

Fadi: I'll call him now.

Olivia: Are you sure about moving in there?

Sarah: Look, I really need a place, urgently, and it'll be ok, I'm sure

Olivia: Lots of opportunities to see Fadi....

Sarah: You are such a terrible gossip!

Johnny: There's Fadi, always stuck to that phone, always workingor perhaps it's girls!

Olivia: Actually, he's helping Sarah to find a flat.

Johnny: Oh. Ok. Good. Well hello! What's up? Why does everyone look so glum here?

Sarah: I'm still trying to find a flat

Magda: And I finish my degree soon, which means I have to get a job, or go back to Poland.

Johnny: And you want to stay here in London?

Magda: Yeah, but it's so difficult to get a job.

Olivia: That's not true, there are lots of jobs around

Magda: Yes, but I don't want to just work in a bar or a café or a shop

Olivia: Oh thanks!

Magda: Sorry! I know you work in a shop, butthat's different..it's your own shop, and you sell such special things, those lovely handmade shoes! But usually, you know, shopwork isn't great..

Olivia: Tell me about it

Sarah: But you'll be a trained architect, won't you?

Magda: Yes, exactlybut it's not easy to get work as an architect. There's a lot of competition here in London

Johnny: You should go to Chinalots of opportunities there right now, lots of building.

Fadi: Listen, Sarah, I spoke to my cousin and we can go round to have a look at the flat this afternoon if you like

Sarah: “We”?

Fadi: Well, I'll go with you, show you where it is

Sarah: Erm, okThanks!

Olivia: Told you so!

Magda: Well you might have solved your problem thenbut I might not be here much longer!