hey everyone welcome back to my channel this is Dori I 'm a

teacher of English and today we're going to talk about the top 15

reading tips for IELTS I know that lots of

you ask me about this question, so without further ado

let's get started! So tip number one

time yourself start timing

yourself from the very beginning of your practice

lots of students at the very beginning of their practice

take their time with the practice tests until they feel a little bit more confident

however when they the start timing themselves after some time they

panic because they're used to different timing

and they don't have enough time during these 60 minutes

so don't make the same mistake one

of the most challenging parts of reading is timing so start

timing yourself from the very beginning and try to get used to it

spend approximately 20 minutes in each

passage and please remember that this is part of

your practice too and as important

as finding the correct answer tip number two

familiarize yourself with the tasks before you start practicing it is a good

idea to start

to check out a little bit the tasks

that you may encounter during your IELTS

reading practice test. Get to know a little bit what they ask you to do what you need

to do what strategy

you should follow in each task I have videos for each and every task in reading so these videos

may help you with that in this way you will instantly recognize them when

you see them you will know what you have to do in

each task without wasting any time and you will be even more confident which is


the different tasks you may encounter in your reading practice are quite a

lot so please don't skip

this step because it is very important

as it will save you time

in the long run tip number three don't read

everything this is extremely important you do not have time to read

each and every word of the passages

it is impossible lots of students tell me

well this is impossible how can I answer to all these questions without

having read the texts well

do you know what's impossible? to actually be able

to read word-for-word 3

challenging passages of 900 words

each; to be able to read and find the correct answers to forty questions

and then to have even more time spare time

to transfer your answers to the separate answer sheet

that's what's impossible! So you have to change a little bit your traditional

idea of reading regarding IELTS and

start practicing the texts without reading them

word per word instead

you should practice by using different reading

techniques how can you do that? well this leads us

to our next tip, tip number 4

skimming well I'm sure that you have heard skimming before but

do you use it the right way because if the idea of skimming

you have is just reading here and there

a little bit just for the gist of the text

this is not a reading technique this is a chaos so what you need to do

very very briefly is read the title read

the first paragraph very quickly just to get an idea

of the text then read and underline the first

two lines only the first two lines of each paragraph and

then you can read the last paragraph as well

while you practice enough with skimming you will be able to recognize

some key words in between paragraphs but this will

it may take some time

for the beginning you can do just these

if you want more details

about skimming and how you can practice skimming the right way

please check this video over here tip number

5 scanning is another reading technique

that compliments skimming and will really really help you

so what's the difference from skimming? skimming helps you to get

an idea to get the gist of the text but scanning

helps you to locate the exact answer just like you try to find a word in the

dictionary this is what' scanning is

you have read the questions you know what you're looking for

and you go to the text to find it

In the example of the dictionary you know the word you're looking for

so you go to the exact letter in order to search for it

okay this is what you do you know

what you're looking for and you go to the text

and the underlining that you have done during the skimming

process helps you to locate the

correct answer for more details on how you can use

skimming and scanning effectively please watch this video

here for both reading techniques that will save you

time and will teach you how you can answer correctly

without reading all

the texts word per word tip number six

always read the instructions carefully

this may sound a little bit self-explanatory but it is not because sometimes when you

have done lots of practice tests and when you know the tasks

you go straight away to answer the questions but please be careful

always read the instructions and check out

the word limit you have because if you exceed your word limit

you may lose

not you may you will lose points valuable points

even if you have answered correctly so for example

if the instructions say no more than two words

and/or a number please try to keep it that way and don't start writing whatever you want

okay don't get too carried away even in multiple-choice

tasks sometimes they ask you to find two correct asses

instead of only one which is more common okay so

always read the instructions carefully tip number seven

underline key words this is equally important in both the texts and the


you underline key words to help you through the skimming

process and when you read the questions basically

you underline easily recognizable words

such as dates, terminology which means words

that cannot be easily paraphrased, names

and numbers in the questions you underline

you always underline what you need to search for

in the text because sometimes you may get confused during the process

so always underline what you are looking for

tip number 8 be careful of paraphrasing

this is where most mistakes happen in IELTS

they happen due to paraphrasing usually

they use the same words both in the text

and the questions in order to confuse you so

try to focus and concentrate on

same meanings rather than same words

okay try to to go beyond the words

and understand the meaning of the texts, and the passages

and the questions you can understand how paraphrasing works

a little bit better in this video over here tip number nine

the order of the text this is really important

the good news is

that nearly in all tasks the order of questions

is the same as the order you will find the answers in

the text for example the answer to the first question will be found

first in the text, the answer to the

second question will be found second in the text and so on so forth

okay this is really useful when you have found the first answer let's just say

and the third one so you know that the answer to the second question

will be in between okay this is the good news, the bad news is that

this doesn't take place necessarily in

all tasks be careful of tasks like

map labelling, diagram labeling or even some completion tasks

where the order of the questions and the answers is not necessarily the same

as they will be found in the text

tip number ten don't

get stuck on words you don't know

please do not make this mistake it will waste

valuable time don't focus on separate

words focus on meanings so if you don't know a word

please move on with it read a little bit further you will probably get

the meaning from the context around it okay so don't worry about that

don't dwell on words or questions you'don't understand

or you don't know move on with it a video that will help you with some

quick tips on what you can do when you don't know a word is this video over here

tip number eleven the

be careful with grammar mistakes even if it is a reading

passage or task or whatever

you still need to be careful

with your grammar mistakes for example when you give an answer to a question


if it is a gap-filling question

a completion task you should make sure

that the answer you give fits both grammatically

and syntactically with the rest of the sentence

okay specifically for completion tasks you cannot

change the word you found in the text to something different for example

if you found a noun in the text

you think this is the correct answer but in order to fit it

grammatically in the sentence you have to make it a verb

then probably you have made a mistake so please

check out your answer again okay

you cannot change the words you found in the text you should copy them

exactly as you found them tip number 12 be careful

of your spelling you still need to be careful of your spelling

mistakes because you lose points for that

too try to improve your spelling and

keep in mind that most words can be found in the text

so before you copy them make sure that

you write them correctly as you had found them in the text

tip 13 find

your own technique what do I mean by that?

try to find your own technique that works best for you some

students start first with the text and then they move

on with the questions some other students start straight away

from the questions and then move on with the text

there is no right or wrong way both

of these techniques work very well

for the students so you have to

to work it out a little bit and see what works best

for you choose a technique and try to be consistent with it because it will


you valuable time in the future with your practice

and with your timing tip number 14

read a lot in English the more you read in English

the better you're going to be

in the reading examination start with reading

articles about the things you love about your interests about your hobbies

and you can find numerous articles online

about things you are interested in and read about them in

English in this way you're going to be practicing and

have fun at the same time tip

number 15 enjoy yourself

last but not least as weird

as it sounds this is equally important with all the rest

if you start moaning and groaning about the exam this is not going to get you

very far the only one you're going to harm is yourself

not Cambridge, so try to see the exam as a game

as a quiz or as a quest that you have to fulfill

so your attitude plays a major role

with the exam and it will greatly help you

if you see it that way so these were my top 15

tips and I really do hope they will help you put them in

practice right away and you will see a difference in

your score instantly I believe

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