We Need To Be Lost To Find Ourselves


JASON SILVA: So we talk a lot about how

we want the answer, right?

We're bliss junkies, chasing the ultimate truth.

But think about it.

Aren't we more happy when we're seeking the truth?

Aren't we all secretly wonder junkies?

Isn't our addiction to the question itself, you know?

Once you find the answer, you risk completion.

You know, we talk about wanting to find ourselves.

We talk about being found, but isn't it more fun to get lost?

Aren't we all wanderers, ultimately?

Aren't we wandering, aren't we seeking?

Why do we love open spaces?

Why do open spaces have more appeal

than beautiful, cozy, small spaces?

Why do we look at the infinite ocean

and actually feel a sense of reverence and awe?

Instead of being afraid, we look at it

as it beckons us to the unknown, to the mystery,

to the question.

See, that's what it's really all about.

That is the state of consciousness

that we want to be at, right?

We want to be the traveler in search of signification.

When you find, it's over, you know?

it's not about the answers, it's about the better questions.

You know that quote, and that's really it.

That's what I'm looking for in these spaces.

That's the JASON and the ring landscape, New Zealand brochure


I'm getting lost in it, right?


Only when we're lost, we're found.

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As human beings, exploring is in our nature.

We want to learn and discover until we

are able to better comprehend not