Finding The Beauty in Break-ups


SUBJECT: So I believe that we are all wounded.

I believe that we are all bleeding.

And I think the reason that in romantic context

we are attracted to others who are wounded

is because we feel that by saving them, we in turn

save ourselves, right?

Romantic love as defined by Ernest Becker

is a perfect consummation with perfection itself.

We are purged in these instances in which we

find another in whose eyes we will be reflected and saved,


This notion that we will see ourselves being seen by another

who bestows us with light.

And ultimately, the crux of the human condition,

the existential impotence, of you will,

is the perhaps tragic realization

that you can't save the ones you love.

Those wounded birds, the manic pixie dream girl--

you can't save her.

So what does that mean?

It means if you can't even save the ones you love, how can you

save yourself, right?

This is the tragedy of the human condition.

This is the sad song that gives you the goosebumps

and makes you cry.

This is the lyric that makes you tear up.

It is this acknowledgement of something

that aches, of something that is, of something that we wish

was not the case.

There is beauty in this tragedy, but first

let us acknowledge the tragedy of it.

And then we can make a poem or make a video

or make a film to frame that holy moment to at least cement

the tragedy by saying, it happened.

We exist.

We felt something.

I've talked about this before, but ugh.

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