IELTS Writing Task, part 1: Useful Vocabulary for HIGH SCORE

hello everyone welcome to my channel

this is Dori, I am a teacher of English and in today's

video I'm going to give you some useful expressions and vocabulary

you can use in your academic writing task

1 in order to describe what you can see in

your chart, in your diagram etc. So,

Let's begin! So, if you see that a value

steadily decreases, as in this case

where the value is falling gradually, then you can use

the phrase downward tendency

over here. and an example in order to use this

phrase would be

Of course this is just an example, just to show you how

you can use these kind of phrases in order for you to be familiar with them

but you can use it of course in any way you like

according to your own specific topic

okay now similarly, if

you have a value that gradually increases

over a period of time as this one, you can use the phrase

upward tendency okay this is an upward

tendency and an example would be

just an example. okay? now if a diagram

of a certain value looks like that

then we can talk about a stable

or a steady performance. on the contrary,

if a value in the diagram

looks like that, it is kind of unpredictable we cannot

predict its evolution, then we talk about

an unstable or an unsteady

performance okay so, let's see an example for both

just an example again nothing to memorise

or to use exactly like that

now in this case over here we have two values

to compare so this one here

falls down and this one

increases okay but it is kind of sudden

you can see that in both cases so in this case

we can talk about an abrupt

or a sudden fall in this case, the blue case

or an abrupt, sudden increase

or rise in this case in the green case so you can use

these adjectives over here to describe something like that

and in the blue case you can use fall or drop

or in the green case here you can use the noun

increase or rise so we can have: distinct fall-

distinct drop, abrupt fall- abrupt drop, sudden fall-sudden drop, significant fall or drop

sudden fall sudden drop significant

fall or drop major fall/drop and accordingly distinct increase

or rise, abrupt increase or rise, sudden increase or rise

et cetera et cetera et cetera you can use them any way you like

accordingly and your vocabulary has

more variety in this way when you describe okay so let's see an example

Of course, since you're mainly going to describe what you can see in the diagram

or chart or whatever,

you need some useful expressions and phrases to get you

started so for example you can use

the chart or diagram shows

this is very useful to start your introduction

your introductory paragraph by

paraphrasing topic

these 3 verbs are very useful and you can use them

accordingly through your whole essay

other phrases that are very very useful

and they are also used in the passive voice which is

formal way of writing, other such phrases are

Ok, these are just examples but you can use them accordingly

throughout your whole essay,okay? you will also need some vocabulary

in order to describe how the values change over time so let's

go and check out some verbs

along with their antonyms okay here are some verbs

and their antonyms that will really

really really help you for example they all

mean the same thing but it is for you to have variety in your phrasing

and of course you can embellish

these verbs with these adverbs

For example, you can say "steadily increasing", "gradually

decreasing", "significantly falling"

or rising etc. you can do

anything you want with these words. Other useful expressions are: the majority or minority of someting

Ok, that's it for today, I hope it helps!

ask me your questions or comments here or in FB, T, G+, I've added all three links

down below in the description box thank you very much for watching

Good luck with your exam!

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